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I have developed a hemorroid.. although there could be more, and I really really REALLY want to get rid of it before pushing this LO out! I bought some preperation H, but it doesn't seem to be working..

ANY IDEAS???? please!!!!!
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I just logged on to post about this!

I'm on the same page as you....it seemed to go away recently but is back and not due to diet, constipation, hydration or anything like that - just pelvic pressure and the general awfulness of late pregnancy.

Tips from my doula:
-Swabbing the area with a cotton ball soaked in witch hazel seems to help and is cooling, you can also put the witch hazel in the fridge or the soaked cotton balls. Also can add a little bit of lavender essential oil to the cotton ball for calming and anti-inflammatory, although I'm uncomfortable with a lot of essential oils on raw places, so I just do the witch hazel.
-You can also tuck the cotton balls in there and leave them for a while (you might want a panty liner for leakage.
-Massage them with vaseline or some sort of oil and then push them back in...I was with the doula on this one until the pushing them back in part. Does she mean push them straight in, so like pushing them into themselves? or does she mean pushing them into my butt?

I'm really not sure and uncomfortable with hemroids and about hemroids. Never even knew what they really were until last week.

-Carefully wiping or just using a peri bottle. I've also found that staying dry and airing out if possible helps.

If any body has any sure fire tips I'm all ears!
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check out this post, my midwife suggested all these to me last month when I had the same problem and something in that list worked, cause I'm pretty sure i tried each one

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I got them AFTER birth with my first 2. I even went to a doctor the first time and she said not to do anything, but they were painful! So I tried some of those homeopathic suppositories that you can buy at places like Whole Foods. They really worked well, and I knew just what to do the second time. So I think they're definitely worth a try.
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I actually have to use something bigger than a cotton ball if I'm planning on "tucking" otherwise, they are never seen from again. LOL.
I use a cloth wipe, like for CD or family cloth or whatever. Soaks up more. I had one a few day ago and it's gone! Also, a sitz bath with kind of hot water, or making sure you kind of hit that area when you are in the shower seems to help me.

They are my nemisis....
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Yeah, mine's been haning out for almost two months, and is about the size of a grape I use witch hazel sometimes, but mostly I leave it alone, I know it'll be there from birthing anyway, and go away shortly thereafter. It only bugs me ocassionally, despite the ginormous size of it
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I've had one since the second tri - and when I go potty I get a gaggle of them that come out...but as long as I clean well (wipes, cloth and disposable are a saving grace) and I keep cream on them, the ones that appear when I go go away right away and the one that has hung around (that we call Roy) stays happy. Just keep the area as clean as you can and use what ever measures you need to for relief of itch/pain. I have found different creams work for different times...so I have several on hand. Also, if it hurts sit on a hemmoroid ring. That helps mine heal from hurting within 24 hours...
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I use an otc cream called Anusol (extra strength - has pain reliever as well as swelling reducer). I just put some on my finger and push the hemmoroid "back in" with the cream. I find it is better the very next day!
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Thank you!

i will give all these ideas a try!!
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I also developed one after our birth that had been lurking. I used straight hydrocortisone ointment on it and it was gone the next day. I was no longer hampered by the additional pressure of babe so this may work better after birth.
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