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Poll Results: Why are YOU CDing?

  • 14% (21)
    Economic Reasons
  • 12% (19)
    Environmental Reasons
  • 58% (86)
    Both Economic and Environmental (which is primary?)
  • 14% (21)
147 Total Votes  
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Both. Environmental reasons are probably more important to me.
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I voted environmental, but my list in order would be:

1) Health - no icky chemicals from disposables.

2) Environmental

3) Cuteness, softness, traditional.....

4) Money savings

Me and my brother were both cloth diapered too!
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We CD for a variety of reasons as well.

1. Health/Comfort - I know that I got rashy when I used disposable pads. I couldn't imagine what 24/7 for close to 2 years would be like for my LO. Plus fabric just feels nicer than paper and the gel just creeps me out.

2. Economics - It's been mentioned before, but I just couldn't justify spending all that money on stuff that was only destined for the garbage.

3. Environmental - See #2 - That's a whole lot of trash that we're not generating thanks to cloth!

4. Convenience - No midnight diaper runs.

5. Poop containment - With the exception of this morning when I decided to nurse side-lying in an uncovered PF (silly me!), we have only had blowouts in sposies.

And of course there is the added bonus of the cute factor.
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Only environmental. And because the thought of disposables on my child makes me sick.
I would spend a lot less money if used pampers.
But I am a high end fitteds and wool girl.
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other: better for baby. echo pp: do you know what they put in disposable diapers!?!? yuck!

environmental and economic reasons were great upsides as well, but they weren't the primary reasons for us.
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My reasons for CD'ing...

1) Baby's comfort (who wants to wear paper diapers?!?!)

2) It's fun! (too many cute dipes out there!)

2) Environmental concerns about waste

3) Save $$$
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I voted environmental because that was my first and last thought when making the decision. Then I went and did some math (I'm compulsive like that). So far our stash has cost ~$1,000. That feels like so much money. Some of it came from our baby shower or gift certificates so I don't feel too bad. We also plan to sell some of the Swaddlebees because ended up with too many and don't get through them before we need to do laundry anyway. So a little bit of that will come back. We will be buying more in the next couple sizes, but not that many because we are already starting EC and we're doing really well.

My guesstimate is that we will actually spend somewhere in the neighborhood of $1,500 by the time we are done with diapers. (I like pockets a fair bit.) I may get this amount lowered by asking family to buy diapers in the next sizes for Christmas.

If I spent $15/week on disposable diapers (which seems to be about what it would cost based on my research) I would be spending $780/year. We are planning to have three kids. This means that I will have made my money back on a little over three years of diapering babies and I will probably have somewhere between 6 and 8 years of diapering babies. w00t.
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1) better for DS
2) cheaper for us
3) not wasteful
4) cuteness!
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We chose to for environmental reasons. But to be honest, now it's all about the cuteness.
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I chose both. Originally it was for financial reasons. We are a no income family (ha!) because my husband is in school full time and I'm a full time mom. Our goal is to live on only what we need, live simply. We do this because we believe it is healthiest spiritually, and that includes being good to the environment. I pretty much do it for all the reasons listed above (including a pretty bad addiction to the cuteness!) , but the main reason is living a simple life where we aren't just CONSUMING everything in site.
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I picked other because for me its primarily health reasons.
Yes, I like the fact that I'm not adding to the landfill with sposies, and its great that I don't have to run out and buy diapers every week. But I just don't feel comfortable with the chemicals in sposies. I don't want that stuff next to my baby's genitals all the time for 2-3 years or more. So I use only cotton prefolds, with nylon covers during the day (bummis orig. or whipser pull-on pants) and wool at night. I would use cotton no matter how much it cost, and although the ewnvironment is really important to me, my children's health is at the very top of my list.
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We CD'd DS because someone got us a gift certificate for 5 weeks of diaper service and 2 free wraps. We ended up buying diapers from the diaper service when I realized how easy it was!

This time we're doing it because we already have the diapers (well, right now they are loaned out, but her son has outgrown the teeny ones, so I'll be getting them back). It's just so easy to do, why NOT!
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I really look for ways to save money around the house, and so spending that extra $20 every time I went to the store was just OUT for me. I also try to be aware of my environmental impact, so cloth diapers really fit the bill. What a double benefit! Save money and help the earth while doing it! Since choosing cloth, I have become a CD advocate and try to spread the news about the modern CD choices parents have today.
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Definetly both cost and environmental and health. We had to use sposies for DS' first couple weeks when my BGs just wouldn't fit (he was just slightly too small), and then for a month when my DH was in the hospital and I absolutely hated that. It was such an awful month of all our lives...

Anyhow, for us CD'ings been nearly free - my parents bought us our stash of bumgenius (40 in all), and thats the only thing thats been on DS' bum for months and months. I love that their one-size. They've definetly lasted wonderfully - at 16.5 months he's on the medium size And I'm sure if/when I have another child I'll still have them and be able to use them again.
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I voted "both," but probably could have voted "both" and "other." I like the environmental aspect, I like the economic aspect (I'm a cheap b@stard at heart, let's be honest), but I also just... I don't know... like the simplicity of it. I think it's a part of my desire to be self-sufficient and not have to go to the store and buy stuff. I have my diapers, I don't need more diapers... one less thing to think about in my life. No running out of diapers and having to run to the store at ungodly hours (convenient, since the store in our village in Alaska is only open until 6pm).

I like it in the same way I like breastfeeding... it may SEEM like more work, but I don't have to leave the house and go buy anything to take care of it, and laundry is way easier than going to the store.
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I did it because I thought it was better for my daughter.
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We started for financial reasons, continued for health and environmental reasons, and stuck with it for personal preference reasons.
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For us it started out so that I could quit my job and stay home with the babies. So it was two in cloth while at home and sposies at daycare while we saved. Then I quit (hooray) and they were in cloth all the time.

That's when I got hooked. Now its all the above reasons and more... the fluffy softness is probably the biggest.
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Mine were mostly health, actually. I hated the thought of the chemicals and weird substances against sensitive parts of my babies!

The environmental factor has definitely played in, though I do wonder at times with the amount of water I use how much better it is-- or if it's just different???

I did buy more expensive CD (fuzzi bunz), but even so they are paying for themselves in a hurry! That's a benefit, though not the main reason I went with CDs.
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We chose to CD for the cost benefits mostly. Then I realized about a month into it that cloth is way cuter. It also totally wigged my family out since it was "OMG SO GROSS!" (kind of like how my milk is to them, but that's another thread ).
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