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Reasons for CDing - Page 3

Poll Results: Why are YOU CDing?

  • 14% (21)
    Economic Reasons
  • 12% (19)
    Environmental Reasons
  • 58% (86)
    Both Economic and Environmental (which is primary?)
  • 14% (21)
147 Total Votes  
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I started almost 19 years ago for environmental and economic reasons.

by my third child it was because of acute allergies to the few disposables I used right after birth.

then it was because of the chemicals and toxins in the diapers that are harming our children.
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Both for me, also health reasons, but the primary factor in the beginning was cost. While I was waiting for my order to arrive and finishing up with sposies, I got so mad because, like a PP wrote, I literally felt like I was throwing $$ in the diaper genie (and ultimately landfill). I also agree with the PP who wrote that cloth diapering made her more environmentally aware; it's made me motivated to "go green" in other aspects of my life too.
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In addition to environmental and economic (btw, we make our own detergent and it is CHEAP!), I found that CD makes for easier compatibility with "elimination communication" (learning infant's cues for pee/poop, and bringing them to the toilet),
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I voted other. I plan on cd'ing for health reasons. I hate the thought of all those chemicals against my little girl's body. The other reasons are just bonus!
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Both here, but mainly for economical reasons. I started when DD2 was 1yo, and we finally moved to a house with our own washer/dryer. I so wish I could have started it from the beginning with DD1.
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All of the above? I wanted to save money, stop building up mounds of diaper trash, and get the nasty chemicals in disposables away from DS.
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My primary motivation was/is the environment and health. When I initially pitched the idea to DH I started off by saying "cloth diapers will save us $1500 a year" and he agreed right away. So I guess you could say our family is equally motivated by environmental and economic factors.
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Economic, Environmental and Health reasons.

$$: Basically free diapers for subsequent children

Enviro: NO landfill mark

Health: NO toxic gel in direct contact with my baby's genitals. always a good thing!
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I sposied my first dd and we're going to cd this next one. It just made me sick when I saw the amount of waste I was putting out. It can be more economical too.

You forgot the 'Cd are cute and fun and addictive!' option! I feel like I have a new hobby gathering my stash!
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I cd'ed my 1st (18 years ago!) purely for environmental/health reasons, but now with #4 it's for economical/environmental reasons.
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Primarily, the reason for cd'ing is health related. I didn't want those yucky chemicals next to his skin. But other reasons include the financial and environmental aspects.
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i do it because i live on a never know whe the next check is coming in as DH is a self-emplyed custom farmer so it is easier than worrying about wether we can buy diapers that week
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I always tell people these are my reasons, in order of importance to me:

1) Health (don't want my childrens' genitals wrapped in chemicals all day)
2) Environment (1 kid would produce approx 1000 disposable diapers in 3 years -- each one taking 500 years to breakdown. HOW is that responsible???)_
3) Money (although I saved a TON by cd'ing -- I would still do it, even if it cost more than disposables).
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Both, but more economic than environmental.
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I also do it because it's healthier for babies (unbleached cotton, not scary disposable diaper chemicals).
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I voted other because the main reason I switched to cloth was because I felt like it was best for my DS and more comfortable and healthy for him. The economic and environmental benefits are a bonus.
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