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My baby is transverse. Any advice?

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I'm due on the 23rd and just found out today that my baby is transverse. She wasn't last week at my last appt. I'm pretty freaked out right now. My OB wants me to be at L&D tomorrow am to try and turn her. He said if she stresses out while he's trying to turn her, I'll need an emergency c-section. If she doesn't turn, but doesn't get stressed out, I'll need a c-section on Monday. If she does turn and isn't stressed then they'll keep an eye on her to make sure she doesn't turn back. Has anyone had any experience with a transverse baby? Or having someone try to turn her baby? My first pregnancy was a breeze so I was not expecting this at all. Thanks in advance!
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I would not allow an external version to be performed on me just yet! They can be very painful and can lead to major complications.

www.spinningbabies.com is the first place I would go, try the techniques uised there. Your baby could turn vertex just as easily as s/he turned transverse. Babies turn in labor all the time! Relax, and research, if a version is the only way to aviod a c-section later, then consider it at that point, but likely the baby will stress out bit, and you could have a good chance of being unnecessarily sectioned.
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I also would not do the external version, a lot of times babies will turn on their own at the onset of labor.
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I've been in the same situation. I went to spinning babies and did the bag of frozen peas where her head is and a warm compress on my pubic bone. It totally worked like a charm (that and the acupuncture my bf did). Sadly, she snuck back again, but I'm going to do it again tonight and see if I can get her locked in there. Good luck!
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Thanks for your advice! I'm going to grab a bag of frozen peas right now!!!
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Moxibustion or acupuncture. Worked for us with DD1.
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Also, inversion, swimming. Find a chiro ASAP who is certified in the Webster technique. Go to the ICPA4kids website to find one in your area.

Babies DO often turn at the onset of labor.

I have had some issues with positioning, too. And I am planning a UC. But I decided a few weeks ago that I would NOT do an ECV, because if moxibustion, swimming, chiro, accupressure, and inversion didn't work? There's probably a good reason she's in the position she is, yk? And in that case, if positioning is off at the onset of labor and doesn't change, I will march myself down to a hospital for whatever needs to be done. But I think that if it's at all possible she will get herself exactly where she needs to be.

Best to you!
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I would definitely try the version.
But first do all the other "tricks" you possibly can to encourage babe to turn. Mine was transverse for weeks and after a lot of slant-board type positions she turned mostly head down. Try that, knees to chest (on your hands & knees, lowering your shoulders to the bed/floor), etc. Get a support belt to wear. Spend a lot of time on a birthing ball.
The cold peas on the head actually made her turn more breech than ever, so that sure didn't work for me!
I'll cross my fingers for you!
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