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I want something and you can help me find it!

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Ok, I need a new watter bottle. I threw out all of my plastic ones, and a glass Snapple bottle just isn't working for me. I need something to take with me that is somewhat insulated and leak proof and won't leach nasty chemicals into my water and make me grow another head (although that might help with the pregnancy induced forgetfulness ). What do you have and like?
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I love my Thermos E5. It is ss and has bpa free plastic on it. It keeps my water very cold, up to 24 hours! It is a little big and bulky, but I couldn't be w/o it!
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Sigg drinking bottle?

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I use a Klean Kanteen. You can buy a sleeve for it to help with insulation. Dh and I both have a 27 ounce one and the big boys all have the 12 ounce bottle and the little one has a 12 ounce sippy.
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I have to have an insulated bottle here in Texas or my water is hot in like 20 seconds! So far, my favorite and the one that I think does the best job insulating is the ThinkSport bottle (made by ThinkBaby which is a BPA-free company that makes sippies, bottles and adult water bottles). It's stainless steel and insulated and keeps water colder than a KK with an insulating sleeve (which I also have). I also find the lid easier to open. My alternate version if I'm feeling weighed down is a Polar Bottle which is BPA-free plastic. It's insulated but doesn't do nearly as good a job of keeping the water cold as the ThinkSport does. But it is lighter. More in depth reviews of adult water bottles on my blog but the ThinkSport is my favorite.


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I actually wanted a SIGG, but my mom says hers doesn't keep her water cold. For whatever reason, this pregnancy, water must always be COLD to be drinkable.
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We love SIGGs, and I recently saw that they have introduced an insulated model. I think I saw it on reusablebags.com
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I really like my Sigg and think it keeps the water cool enough for me (but I don't mind water that is not cold so maybe that's the reason). Hubby puts some small ice cubes in his Sigg and finds the water cold enough. We also have the insulated sleeve and that helps a lot. He tries to keep it colder by first keeping his bottle in the fridge....
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We use Klean Kanteens with the Built NY sleeves. They stay cold for quite a while. I was really surprised how cold they stayed without the sleeve, since they have NO insulation. With the sleeve, I love them!
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