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congrats delicious!! I am not looking forward to afterpains

So after walking around with baby real low in my pelvis today, I am suddenly feeling SO menstrual crampy that I wanna put a heating pad on and curl up and die! Is this possibly the onset of labour -cuz I have my kids Ukrainian dance concert tonight but if labour is imminent then I don't want to go! I guess there's no surefire way to tell. Could just be that one step closer that could drag on for weeks right? Owwwwie!!
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congratulations, delicious!! best wishes for a snug babymoon.
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Originally Posted by HulaJenn View Post
So after walking around with baby real low in my pelvis today, I am suddenly feeling SO menstrual crampy that I wanna put a heating pad on and curl up and die!
I've been crampy for a while now... Sometimes I get contractions with the cramps sometimes I don't. But OOWWW I don't want my period back and I got mine back at 6 weeks with DD and THOSE menstrual cramps were HORRIFIC!
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Congrats, delicious! Woo hooo!

Prairie - Unfortunately we don't have any extra cash for me to be able to go see a chiro or get accupuncture done! But I am "spinning baby" (lol) like crazy trying to get her to turn!! I've been using the peas (well actually a big old cold pack thingy that I got from the chiro last year after my car accident) and heating pad thing and nothing yet! But I'm not giving up! I'm GONNA get this baby to turn on her own! I'm determined! LOL (They will still induce on Monday even if she's turned, just due to the lower fluids...)
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woo hoo! congrats delicious!!!!! that sounds like a wonderful birth!

forgot to say it earlier, but congrats to you too spark! bloody show is something to celebrate!

had a MW appt today and picked up the la bassine from her. everything was great with the babe and i. babe is LOP, but at least that's not just OP, right?!? the head was even lower than it has been for the past couple weeks. like, she couldn't palpate much more than the lower back of the head and top of the neck above the top of my pelvis. no wonder i feel so crampy the past day or two! she said she doesn't think it will be all that long, but she's fine with however long it will take. ITA with her, but lemme tell ya, i would love for these stretch marks not to grow any more than they already have. i have them just kinda coming out from my bellybutton (like a sunshine on my belly) and they're not too big, but they creep a teensy bit further with every passing day, and have been for the past week or so.

i almost forgot, she and her partner also played "guess the baby's weight" today. they're thinking upper 6's to low 7's. yay for that! dd was right around the same size (not quite 7.5# when born at 42+2), so it sounds right on for me at this point (40+6 today). it makes me feel a little better since everyone seems to think my belly is sooooo big. i think it looks bigger than last time because of the fact that i'm about 10-15# lighter, so there's just less fluff, which in turn makes the belly look that much bigger in comparison to the small-ish body that's attached to it.
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Congrats delicious on your arrival!

So work was annoying and unnecessarily stressful (I mean, I work at home for the love of God...) today and seriously, I had crazy painful contractions when I was totally stressing out. I can only imagine my silly job putting me into labor... It made me grumpy and then I snarked out at DH who is now hiding in the family room with the dogs. I'm off to fold 2 loads of diapers.... *sigh*

Have a nice night ladies! ELV !
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Congratulations delicious! :

I'm sitting here, contracting about every 4 min. Going to call midwife soon...
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Well I've had a few contractions, but nothing to be excited over.

Yay! Another baby : and I really hope this is it DawnaRose ELV's!!

Well I'm wore out it was in the 90's for the parade and just me and my mom and the boys. Good thing they sat pretty still waiting for the candy to be thrown at them
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