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What a night!

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DD literally nursed all night long. I just now managed to pry the nipple out of her mouth and she seems to be sleepin peacefully. I think I may be extra tired today.
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aw...those nights are soooo long. if i were you, i'd go lay on my stomach for ten minutes to stretch out my aching hips from sleeping on my side all night! hope you get a nap today.
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we've been up the last 2 nights with ds teething. I am so tired!
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DS's tooth broke though in the middle of the night last night... I wasn't going to be able to take a 4th night of all night nursing. so lets just say I feel your pain.
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We are having all night nursing like every other night right now! ACK! I hate it! Its also so hot.... I really don't need a hot, sweaty baby GLUED to me all night! It makes me so very extra cranky in the morning too.
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It's nice to know that I'm not alone! (Although I'm sorry that you guys are up nursing all night, too.)

The wierd thing is that she naps so well during the day --sans nipple.
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I hear ya!
Ds was up for the all night nursing marathon last night too. I decided to let dh take the car today...push the arrand list to the back burner, and I am going to nap with him and relax at home today.
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Rogelito's Mommy, I think you may have the wrong year for your DP in your sig.

I would LOVE to nap with DD. Sadly, DD1 has given up naps forever and it's all that I can do to stop her from running around for a half hour for quiet time. I fell asleep once (when I was pregnant) while DD1 was awake. I will never do that again. I found stuff for weeks that had happened while I was napping.
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