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Just received a bill!

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I hate the state of insurance in this country and I'm also feeling really stupid right now.

I just received a bill for $1500 from the hospital. That was after my insurance paid like 3K. I was only at the friggin hospital for 10 hours! WTF. So i'm an idiot because I didn't check with my insurance to learn there is a 1500 copay for any hospital stay. I thought since maternity was covered that I would be covered. So now I owe 1500 fing dollars to the f-ing hospital.

The part that really sucks is that I could have applied for state insurance and would almost certainly have qualified but I thought it was wrong to take advantage of state benefits that I didn't really need since I do have private insurance. If I had cancelled my insurance, I could have had the state foot the whole bill - no question but instead I owe $1500 that I don't have - all becuase I gave into fear and went to the hospital instead of having a homebirth, which I could have done with my same midwife.

I was in tears when I checked my policy and saw what a huge mistake I made. I even cried on the phone to the billing person at the hospital (I have never gotten emotional like that with a stranger EVER). They are sending me an application for assistance and if that doesn't go through, I may try to appeal to the state insurance program for retroactive coverage but this just sucks so bad. I've been paying a higher monthly premium so that I would have maternity coverage for the past three years. I should have just gotten a cheaper (non-maternity) plan and then gone on state insurance when I got pregnant. I'm an idiot and healthcare in this country SUCKS!

End of rant.
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ugh! the state of health insurance sure does suck in this country.
i'm sorry.:
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Geez I am just speachless because if you did not have health insurance you would have been cash huge discount and then payments would have been what you pay in premium and then you would have come out way ahead. Yikes this is insane! Hopefully you get the help you need to pay it off. also they can take payments have done this many times for kiddos emergancy bills!
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Wow that sucks. I'm so sorry - I hope you get it straightened out in a reasonable manner. Our health system is SO broken
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Please don't beat yourself up... you have a healthy baby, thats most important! Do what you can, but in the end lesson learned... Its only money.

Easier said then done, I know...but you can't change whats done.
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Most states will back date coverage once you apply. So, if you apply for state coverage now, they will cover anything within the past 90 days. Might be worth looking into.
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I did just apply for coverage for my whole family so hopefully they will pay the copay but man - this just sucks.
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