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Um, I have a jelly belly

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...it totally flops around when I sneeze, laugh or cough. Très unsexy.
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lol, i was poking and prodding around at mine last night thinking, lordy, you and i need to have a serious talk.

i don't know about anyone else, but mine, even though is still continuously shrinking, is always the last to go. i feel pretty close to being back to normal except for this last little bit of floppy skin/flub!
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Yeah my belly button felt like a black hole when I laid down. Around 2 wks PP my belly button went back in and I started consciously standing up straight and trying to have good posture, and also doing some very gentle pelvic tilts to remind my abs what they're for. 2 weeks later I still feel pretty loose, but much much better than I did. I wouldn't get too serious about anything until 6 weeks or so.
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My innie is an outie now... multiplied b/c of baby stretching x4
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ah yes, the sunken souffle.
It goes away......and I agree not doing too much before 6 wks and do cross your arms over your belly and squeeze your abs together when doing gentle head and shoulder lifts/crunches to help abs go together again.
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Originally Posted by Halfasianmomma View Post
...it totally flops around when I sneeze, laugh or cough. Très unsexy.
Welcome to motherhood!

Mine is the same way. The worst part is trying to find pants that fit. If they fit my bum I can't get them done up and if they fit around my middle the ass is way too big.

Fun stuff.....I live in yoga pants.
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Has anyone tried Spanx?? Not that I can afford them. They're like $70 a pr.! I'd like to though. I don't think I'm going to be making it to the gym for awhile but I'm dyyyyying to. If I were more motivated I would just stop eating crap - I'm sure that would help, lol. I'll get there....
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I'm too cheap! Lol! So instead I do yoga when I'm ready - but considering I can STILL put a finger between my ab muscles, I think my stomach is going to FOREVER be out. Urgh!!

I can't wait to do yoga again, I'm really looking forward to it!
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One of my books on postpartum exercise says that your abs are only "separated" if you can fit more than TWO fingers between them at 4-6 weeks. As long as it's less than that it will generally knit itself back together as long as your'e good to them

I'm too cheap for anything - right now I'm living in 2 pairs of shorts that are 2-3 sizes larger than my "normal" size, plus 2 stretchy skirts. Wish I could wear sundresses, but nursing is impossible in them. My strategy last time (which I think I will repeat) is to continue wearing these shorts until they start to fall off me, at which point I will switch to the one pair of pants that I have that are a size smaller. When those fall off me I'll go to the next smaller pair.... Either way, NOTHING I have bought since having my son actually fits at my waist - they all sit at my hips because... well, I don't have a waist anymore

Even after all the weight is lost, you're shaped differently, KWIM? Doesn't seem to matter HOW much Pilates I do...
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My mother just bought me a postpartum support belt...a kind of stretchy belt thingy that has a wide velcro tab that makes it adjustable. I'm hoping that it helps the soreness in my lower back when I walk around (and it hides the gajillion of stretch marks I inherited between 40 and 42 weeks!).
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Since having my first child 6 years ago my stomach stayed that way. I'm okay with it. I don't feel like I need to be perfectly, idealized sexy in every way.
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some of you can actually *find* your ab muscles to tell if they're seperated?

i still use my bella band for nursing belly coverage since my draw string pants always slip down to my hips. i'll be so happy to finally do away w/ it.
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the deflated souflee - I think that's such an accurate way to describe it. Add the fact that my stretch marks (new with this pregnancy! what a treat!) make me look like I've been run over by a truck, and you have a really sexy belly.

I lost 20 pounds pretty much immediately, and my body is holding onto 15 for dear life. Mostly it's in the saggy, bouncy, gross belly, but I still have leftovers in my post pardum arms and tush. I pretty much feel bleeechhhyyyyy physically.
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