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Who is finding out sex?

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I set up my 20 week u/s at the midwife on Wednesday...

August 20 we should be able to find out if it's a girl or boy! I sooo cannot wait!!! I am like dying of curiousity!! lol

In one month I should know!! :

Anyone else??
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I always say, I cannot help peeking at presents during Christmas...there is no way I could have a baby in me and not want to know what the sex is!
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We won't be finding out but I know we're in the minority!
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We will not be finding out. I hate the disappointment on Christmas when I already know what I'm getting. Not that the birth wouldn't be exciting either way, it's just that I L-O-V-E surprises. I LOVED the surprise when DD was born. It was amazing. I told DH I did not want to know with #1 and with #2 it would be up to him. He loved the surprise as much as I did. Plus, we knew people who were told they were having a boy, and a few months later out popped a girl. And while they do love their daughter, it took them a while to mourn the loss of their son. I would never want to go through that. Their doc had never been wrong before, and they are not the only people I know of that happening to, just the most recent as their daughter is a few months younger than my DD.

So, bottom line is no finding out here...we LOVE surprises too much! :
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When I get the insurance so I can get an OB (or maybe before--a midwife has offered to order the tests for me) then yes, I'll be finding out if baby cooperates!
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I have my Level II U/S on July 31 -I'll be 17 weeks and I really want to know. So hopefully we'll find out.
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We are soooo finding out! I knew with DS and really liked knowing. I like being able to buy clothes and plan too. That said I'm also not a huge fan of surprises. I would rather pick my own gifts, plan anniversaries, etc.

I'll be 20 weeks on Sept. 2nd. Can't wait!
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Saving it for a surprise here! The wait is agonizing, but I LOVE surprises. DS was a 'surprise', but I had been feeling since the beginning that he was a boy so it really wasn't all that much of a surprise for me.
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We did not find out with our son. This time we have decided to find out- it will be in late August/early Sept. I know my husband wants to know if he can shop for cute dresses or not. : I share that inclination. Also, we have having a hard time picking names. It will be easier with only 1 set to pick from!
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No way. The surprise with my first two was way too amazing not to do it again.
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We already found out we are having a boy. I had CVS done at 11 weeks and even if I hadn't wanted to find out I would have, because when the physician's assistant called to give me my preliminary results, she said "Right number of chromosomes, 13, 18, 21, X and Y." I said "Good thing I wanted to know the sex!"

It was also good to know in advance because my daughter needed some time to grieve that she wasn't getting a little sister. It would have been difficult if she had burst into tears right after the birth (as she did when we told her it was a boy).

DS (8), DD (5), #3 due 1/6/09
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I am going to be VERY surprised...when I find out next month!!!!

I CAN'T WAIT!!!! :
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I hate surprises with a passion in my soul. We are only having one ultrasound, so I surely hope this babe shows him/herself.
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I have to have one ultrasound at 18 weeks to determine placenta position (because of 2 previous c-sections.) So IF baby cooperates, I can't say I don't want to know.

I had to have an US with DS1 because of bleeding, but he kept his legs crossed--so we were surprised anyway.
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We will found out too... Can't wait!
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We'll be finding out, we are not much for surprises. If it's another boy I don't have to do or plan a thing But if it's a girl I have to get new stuff!!
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Yes. I am such a planner that I consider it a blessing to be able to find out!
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We will wait for birth to know, the only time we ever knew the sex before birth was with #5, when the tech during my u/s for placental abruption let it slip, I am completely unable to keep that info to myself so everyone knew, it felt so wierd for other people to know something that seemed so intimate about me, I also like to have a weeks worth of boy and girl clothes ready at birth, it is so enjoyable to me to prepare for either.

Happy Gestating!
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Each of my pregnancies has held it's own surprises. I like to know gender so I can plan, and I also choose my names early so I can speak to the baby by name. I suppose I would feel awful if it was called wrong, but the u/s tech that works in my OB's office is so conservative that she would never "just guess" based on a hunch or a partial view. If she can't get full frontal cooperation she leaves it "indeterminate".
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Well, we were going to, but I just figured out we have worse insurance than I thought... they aren't going to cover ANYTHING until I meet the $5,000 pregnancy deductible. (I found that out the hard way after winding up with a $263.95 bill for the doctor running the OB panel, which my midwife could have done for $70... Whoops.)

I was already on the fence about the 20 week u/s, and since I really don't feel like I need it (I'm very confident this is a healthy, normal pregnancy and baby), I can't justify the $500+ out-of-pocket. Amazing that I'd be paying almost as much for one procedure as one-third of my midwife's entire fee - a "whopping" $1700!

Aaaanyway, I'll be a little jealous of y'all who are finding out, but we're actually pretty excited for it to be a surprise.
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