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Originally Posted by AutumnJade View Post
I dont do suprises! I need to know details so I can plan and be prepared. So we will find out.
I dont do surprises either, and besides with our still born son I had the pleasure of calling him by his name for a few weeks and that gave me a chance to bond with him when I had no other chance. Besides I am a control freak.
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Originally Posted by Adensmommy View Post
Besides I am a control freak.

Me too! I'm a also a major knowledge hoarder. I collect info about anything that I could possibly need or want....so baby info is a definite need for me. lol
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Me! We didn't find out for the first one, as he wouldn't show anything in the u/s. I wasn't too distressed, but my husband was really disappointed in not knowing. It would be nice to plan this time around.
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Just made the appt. today. In 4 weeks we go to find out!!: I don't think I can wait that long!!
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We'll find out...at the birth. I'm excited about it!
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We will be finding out...but I rather not do it through ultrasound! No other option, at this point, though! I am also a believer in keeping it a surprise until birth; however, my husband would like to know and since this is our last, I would like the opportunity in knowing this last time around! My ultrasound is scheduled for July 30th....only seven days until we hopefully know...if not because of baby's position...it was meant to be known at time of birth!
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We found out at an ultrasound yesterday that it is boy #3!
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Congratulations on your boy Sbriton! It was getting on to that time when the Early January gals were going to start finding out. Me, I have to wait until around Labor Day.
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I thought we would have to wait a few more weeks to find out, but I have to have ultrasounds every other week. I was a little surprised when the ultrasound tech asked if wanted to know the gender - I thought it wasn't clear until 18 weeks. But sure enough, unless the baby has a small third leg, it's another boy!
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Congratulations on your boy!

We schedule our 20 week ultrasound today, I hope!
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Congrats sbriton!

My midwife wanted me to schedule the u/s later rather than earlier... I'm going to be on my honeymoon week 20 and was going to try to go beforehand, but she advised against it to be sure...
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