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Very normal.
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I guess I'm somewhat surprised because he seems to be touching it all the time, even when his diaper is on, his hand is touching through the diaper.

To you mamas whose boys did this, did they stop doing it, or did it just continue?
All three of my sons discovered their penises at about the same age as yours...and once they discovered it, they never let go. Ok, the constant grabbing does slow down at some point. My 7 month old doesn't touch himself over the diaper, but the second the diaper is off, his hands dive down. The others were the same way. Now, at 3 y/o and 5.5 y/o, they're not *that* obsessed, although they still play with themselves quite a bit.

Just as an FYI, your son might pull/stretch his penis in ways that look horrifying. I'm amazed at what boys can and will do. I just remind myself that they are unlikely to do anything that doesn't feel good, and therefore unlikely to hurt themselves.

I'm actually pretty glad that I don't have one, they seem to be terribly distracting.
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It seems like it feels good to him or something, and why would that be the case when he is only 6 months old?
It does feel good! That area is chock full o' nerve endings wired for pleasure. I think maybe parents feel concerned because they perceive it as sexual behavior. A baby grabbing at his own genitals is not a sexual creature, he hasn't been socialized with respect to sex yet, but he is a sensual creature.

BTW, a friend has a son the same age as my youngest and he isn't doing this yet. She polled some other friends with 7 month old baby boys and some are doing it, some not. Friends with older boys reported a wide range of ages (with 6-7 months being the early end) for when boys find their penis. She called my baby a "penis protege".