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Was this a Seizure????

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My ds (2 yrs) came down with a high fever last night, even though I didn't want to, I have him children's motrin. Well today he was taking a nap and was kinda cold throughout his body. He woke up just kinda stiff looking at me and unable to say anything just a few grunting noises. I don't know if he was in a state of confusion b/c he woke up so soon or if this was a seizure. This has happened only a few times to him but it isn't something common that I have seen. Is it a seizure or something else? He was okay after a few minutes and I held him then he was a little better. But I am kinda scared and how do I know for sure if it is? Do I see a children's neuro doctor after explaining it to the pediatrician?

ANy advice would be appreciated

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It could have been a febrile seizure, it's hard to tell with written word. Does it only happen when he has a fever? If so, febrile seizures are pretty harmless, but I would bring it up to your pede. Febrile seizures are super scary, but they don't cause any harm. Kids usually grow out of them my 3.

If it's more than just fever related, I would try to videotape an episode for your pede. A visual is so much easier for the dr. to 'get' than an explanation, in my experience. If necessary, you would get a referral to a pede neuro, and an EEG would likely be done. These are totally non-invasive, easy peasy tests for kids. Sleepy kid, flashing lights, napping kid (if possible), all while wearing a cloth cap with electrodes coming off. DS looks kinda cute when he has had EEGs.

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I know this is an older post, but the my 2 1/2 year old daughter done the same thing.(12 episodes withing 20 hours)  After several tests which came back normal, the best label they had for what was going on was febrile seizures, which I could agree with to an extent (especially since all tests were normal (CAT, MRI, EEG, Blood work etc.). But it just doesn't fit exactly, since she only had a fever during a couple of them and she wasn't convulsing, just posturing, face scrunched, and eyes either rolled back and barely open or focused off to the side and incoherent, yet crying (just not like a normal cry).

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