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Well, Baby G is 2 weeks old today and it feels like I am officially moving from baby blues to PPD. I am already on a low dose of prozac, which I have been taking thru my entire pregnancy.

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Not much to say, just wanted to give you a . I've been concerned about that myself this week and have an appointment with my therapist for Wednesday. Hopefully by the time I get there I'll be feeling better... but given the family situations that seems maybe a little optimistic. So - you're not alone.
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maybe you could talk to your doc about switching meds or changing dosage? please be gentle with yourself.
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I have a pdoc appt set for about 2 weeks past my edd already, because of the severity of my PPD last time and subsequent BP diagnosis, too. I am medicated and stable right now, but I worry so much about PPD after the baby.
At least this time I know (I hope) what to look for.

I would say make an appt soon (call Monday) and see about whether prozac is still the best option for you and whether you may need to up your dosage.

The only thing I can say is certainly make the call.

Take care of yourself. again.
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Go check out the PPD section here on mothering. I'm sure there will be lots of people over there that can offer suggestions and help. But do please be gental with yourself and good job for recognizing that something more then just the baby blues is getting at you.
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