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Originally Posted by Kathryn View Post
Ok, here it is. I showed a tiny bit of her butt crack to help show where the birth mark is.

Btw, she was cracking up that I was taking a photo of her butt.

That's a dear little mark. I'm not a dr so I don't know it's it's an indicator of anything, but I am a mom and my son has more then of few that look exacly like that one. Two are on his spine, a large one on the base. They have faded and changed shape over the years. I can assure you that he is heatlhy and able bodied. Two of our other sons also have this marks on their spines as wel.
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HI Mommies, here's what we are experiencing...........our son is seeing a nuerologist (trying to figure out if he has some serious blood vessel damage in his brain).....but she checked his skin over like a fine tooth comb looking for any markings, etc..........I guess some brain problems are associated with things that look like birth marks, etc.......

also, our son is part asian .........he has unusual discolored spots on him......common to asian and black children ......called mongolian spots........on my daughter it almost looks like her entire lower back has a faded bruise.............

so ethnic heritage is important when you get a second opinion

good luck
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I wanted to say that it's my understanding that stork bites at the nape of the neck are really, really common. Maybe 10 % of people have them or something. They certainly could mean something if combined with other marks, but I would hate for everyone whose child had a stork bite on the nape of the neck with no other symptoms to get really stressed about it. My daughter has one, btw, which we unfortunately discovered when she got a deer tick bite right in the center of it and we thought it might be an atypical Lyme rash. It did not respond to abx, lol.

Another person described a flat, light brown round mark. That is most likely a cafe au lait mark, and 10 % of people have 1. It gets progressively less common to have higher numbers of them.

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Oh wow. My son has a birthmark just like that in the same place. Crazy. Our ped thought it was nothing to worry about.
Though, I will point out... When preggo I had a test done (don't recall the name) and they thought my numbers looked like he could have spina bifida (?). We had to have a special u/s to check out his spine specifically. It all looked right and the only problems we're dealing with are severe speech delay. So. But I remember seeing that mark and thinking, maybe something almost happened to his spine....? I don't know...
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My daughter has the same birthmark. This initial post was from a few years back, any updates? Did she had tethered spine?
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