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Hmmm.... finnaginsmom hasn't been on since last night Hope she's holding her baby too!

Sigh, guess I get to look forward to going to the fair tonight w/ DH and the boys.
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kidzaplenty: ugh! I think we all want you to have that baby! I hope your ds calms down a little! I think my ds was scaring the baby too the other day, throwing a huge screaming fit.

emily: you crack me up! where do all these moms with the babies come from, huh? why can't they just leave us pregnant girls alone?:

I was another fool of the moon, hoping there was something going on, feeling all sorts of wierd sensations and trying to make them into something other than just plain wierd.

I'm still trying to get my girl to leave her head in my pelvis, and she sneaks it out every time. I feel like I can't do anything anymore. I want to finish cleaning the house, but I just look at it.

I guess I'm just trying to believe that everything is fine and relax, but I'm having a hard time doing that!

i hope you ladies contracting squish some babies out! send us some of your juju!
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cause I'm trying to pass time, an update....

I'm at a loss for whats going on -- I'm having real labor contractions, no doubt about it -- tons and tons of bloody show and some just out right blood and ouch they hurt. But they're not getting any more or less. And, if I get up and move around, they totally back off to every 15-25 minutes. If I stay lying in bed, they are 6-10 apart but very hard to deal with.

After they tapered off lots this morning, I finally agreed to go to the farmers market with dh. We tried walking around our yard to get things moving again, but it's hot and boring. The farmers market was no cooler (upper 90s today) but it did get things going again --- oh and an even better response to "when are you due" is "I'm in labor now.." -- that gets some serious looks.

On top of everything, everytime I talk to my mw or doula, everything totally stops for at least 30 minutes. How frustrating.

Well, I finally cut out some postpartum cloth pads and dd is cutting out the rest for me, so I'm gonna go get those sewn up while I continue to wait. Then we'll honestly have absolutely everything ready for this birth -- maybe thats holding me up a bit? I don't know.
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Originally Posted by mhaddon View Post
Hmmm.... finnaginsmom hasn't been on since last night Hope she's holding her baby too!

Sigh, guess I get to look forward to going to the fair tonight w/ DH and the boys.
I wish! I'm here. Busy this morning, shopping and groceries and back out for stuff to clean the food pantry with because, I saw an ANT yesterday which means I need to basically autoclave everything in the kitchen because I don't do well with bugs. Contractions, boring and I am ignoring them. Nothing else, I got my hair trimmed and a pedicure though this morning, so if I ever go into labor I won't look like such a hobo. 40w5d....:
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the August babies are coming. Sigh.
I did buy some witch hazel today and put about 3 tbsp on some pads and put in the freezer (does that sound like about the right amount?). Now the kids are officially done their camp activity for the summer and now all we do is sit and wait. Hopefully the weather is cooperative so we can go to the beach instead of hanging out at home for the next 2 weeks!
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I'm still here, on one hand feeling left out b/c I too have an insider instead of an outsider, but on the other, I'm only 38w2d so with lots of mamas more than 40 I feel I have nothing to say...

I love reading all the birth stories though and seeing the pics.

...sigh...all I think I have to do to be ready is pick a name...dh won't help. ah well, I'm sure we'll figure it out at some point.
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Here, and as long as I'm sitting I don't even know I'm preggers... 40w4d today.

When I stand the only reason I know is because my back hurts in that my tummy is too big.

Every so often I'm hit with a contraction and think ok now go somewhere... nope... Dh wants to know what I do to make the babies NOT want to come out.

What happens if my body just DOESN'T go into labour. Ok I know I have a couple weeks and such but : This weekend would have just been so nice

Alrighty off to think about if I want to try futile attempts to start contractions or if I'm content just waiting it out cuz that's obviously what my body needs to do
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