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After 3+ months of labor... Our Baby is Here!

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It was a quick birth, so I'll try to make this a quick story! I labored on & off for a little over 3 months with the last week being very intense. The actual labor was WAY easier than most of the intense prodromal labor.

Around 6pm, I was home by myself. My kids Jude, Cicely and Joie were at my mom's house and Jason was at work. I couldn't manage to nap, so I was hanging out on my birth ball on my hands & knees watching a recorded "So, You Think You Can Dance?"

Something just felt different. I felt weird. I couldn't quite figure out what was going on. I called Jason & told him that I just felt weird. He asked if I wanted him to come home early (it rush hour on Friday). I told him that I didn't know & he could do whatever he wanted. He asked if I called the MW & I said no. I told him I didn't want to talk anymore.

I fell asleep on the ball and then woke up to moaning. It took me a little while to figure out that it was me moaning. I wasn't in pain, but there was definitely some contracting going on. I moved up to the bath tub.

Jason got home a few minutes after I got into the bathtub with contractions. He was anxious and sweaty and hyped up from work and the drive home. I managed to say, "Please, calm down down stairs." I was very peaceful just moaning through contractions.

Jason calmed himself & came back up. I asked him to just be with me, but not to do anything or say anything. Soon after I started pushing - I was about 30 minutes into labor at this point.

Jason had called the midwife to tell her that he was coming home from work & she decided she'd better come over, too. She came about 10 minutes after I started feeling pushy. Pushing was the absolute biggest challenge. It was like my first baby all over again.

I pushed in the tub on my side, back and hands & knees. I pushed on the toilet, I pushed standing up. He just wasn't coming any further down. We moved to the bed with the ball, hands and knees and finally on my back with one leg up and Jason behind me. Finally, finally the baby started coming down more.

It took a lot a lot of effort to get him out. When I finally got his head out, the midwife very calmly said, "You need to keep going, get him all the way out, Claire." (She's never said this with any of the other babies, so I knew she was serious.) I just roared on through. She maneuvered him out with my efforts. It turned out he was very very wrapped up in his cord. It was around his neck, his shoulders, his belly and there just wasn't much room. The cord tore a tiny bit from his umbilicus and the placenta basically followed him out.

It took a while to actually unravel him from his cord & place him on my chest, where we rubbed him until he started making little kitten noises. He just seemed so tiny & I was so surprised he was actually there!

All in the all the labor was about 30 minutes with an hour of intense pushing. We are feel so blessed and our family is perfectly complete!

Baby Roman
Born July 18th at 7:46pm
7 lbs, 10 oz
21 1/4 in

Wishing you all beautiful peaceful births & happy healthy babies!
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COngrats!!!! ::::
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Congrats! Wow!
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::: He is perfect!! Congratulations, I was hoping you'd post you'd had your baby today
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He's beautiful, congrats!:
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Congratulations!!!! Welcome baby Roman!
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Oh Claire he's BEAUTIFUL!!! CONGRATS Mama!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I've been lurking EVERY day looking for a Spark-Baby - wooohoooo! What a birth story too! Awwwww, I'm so happy for you!!
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After all of that, you are so blessed! Yay.::::
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What a beautiful baby! Congratulations! :
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What an absolutely precious picture! Congratulations, I'm so happy for you to be done with the prodromal labor! I'm glad it went well, enjoy your family time!
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Yay Claire! So happy your short/long labor is finally over. Did you get any peeks at that placenta??

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Hooray! Congratulations!
I find it so funny that you and I thought we were going to be having these giant babies and we both ended up with 7 1/2 pounders! LOL.
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yay!!! so happy for you! rest up, mama!

beautiful boy.
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: Congrats on the arrival of Roman! :
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CONGRATS what a sweet angel baby boy!
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You give me a little of hope!!!. I been in labor for almost 3 months and right now I'm 39 weeks 1 day. I was very happy for you and you little one.
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Congrats! He is beautiful.

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wonderful news:

I guess there were several of you mooing at the moon last night!

what a beautiful baby boy....congratulations!
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