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Scary new "labor device"

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I think ..bear with me I'm still half asleep.

I think that they will find more "failure to progress" and "stalled labors" and there will be more asynclitic babies, and posterior babies.

FTP and SL's because they'll be watching the cervix constantly and if it doesn't change at the rate they want boom! Earlier c/'s across the board. None of this mom not wanting a VE and buying herself a couple hours by doing so. So what if she's 6 cm for 3 hours, that's what her body feels is necessary. We'll talk when it's been 5. And because there will be 2 leads in/on the cervix, and one in the baby's head, there will be less movement, again leading to slower dilation, and more malpositioned babies.

Seriously the thought of this device makes me nauseas.
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: Oy.

Your partner will be able to be an active participant in the labor process as he/she follows the progress of the partogram on the screen next to your bed.
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Ugh, gross! Maybe soon they will have a computer to interpret the data and page someone to the room at the moment baby is emerging. It would really cut down on required number of staff!

LOL, this is from their FAQ section. I find it difficult to follow their "logic"!
8. How can it reduce C-Section rates?
We do not yet have proof that the use of BirthTrack will reduce CS rates yet. However, there are several ways it may help to reduce CS rate. It is well known that oxytocin receptors down regulate their numbers and therefore earlier detection and management of dysfunctional labor are likely to reduce CS rate. It is also possible that the displayed information showing the effect of individual contraction on dilatation and station may be useful in titration of oxytocin. In addition, an earlier management is likely to result in earlier recognition of a need for CS and earlier performanceof CS may ,in its turn, eliminate difficult CS and fetal distress that is linked to prolonged labor.
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I'd heard about this but hadn't seen it yet.

God forbid docs have to actually touch their patients.
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When I first read something like this was coming, I almost didn't believe it. Isn't it just nuts?!
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