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Ton of info here!

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Originally Posted by Chinese Pistache View Post
WRT losing weight, I think bfing mothers on TED need to eat a lot of fat at every meal. They need the fattiest portions of meat. They need to fry/douse their food in oil. An of course, a strict TED shouldn't last for weeks on end.
From my very recent TED experience, I can definitely vouch for this! However, I will also add that it can mean you are suddenly consuming a lot more of a particular oil than you used to. In my case, I doused everything in olive oil. It took a while to figure out, but DS is sensitive to salicylates, and olive oil is really high in salicylates (as were may of my other TED foods).

I also think it's really important to keep a strict TED really short. In our case, with the salicylate sensitivity, we need foods high in certain nutrients to help process salicylates (eggs and beans really help us with that). By cutting all those foods out on the TED, even just for 10 days, I ran down our already really limited stores of the vitamins & minerals necessary to help DS handle dietary salicylates, so he got MORE sensitive.

I think for some people the TED works fast and you know you have allergens to specific foods. If it doesn't work fast, then consider food chemical issues or generally leaky gut, and try adding nutrients back in. It was clear to me that the TED was depleting my body - OK for the very short term, but I see some mamas on it for months, and that seems hazardous.

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And just in case it's not one of the foods you're trying, start a food journal and note everything they eat and any symptoms (gluten and soy are the big triggers for DS's behavioral issues, milk causes him to wet the bed, eggs make him cry the next day, etc.).
And another big agree here on the food journal. I was obsessively detailed about the food we ate, and not nearly detailed enough about behavioral things at first, so it took longer to piece together foods that were causing sleep issues, etc.
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my Son was diagnosed with Milk Protein Allergy. i dont know where to start because he is already such a picky eater...//// he has a delay. he is almost 2 and doesnt walk still crawling he recieves therapy through Easters Seals. he isnt eating or drinking the NEOCATE JR he is prescribed.... he only will drink juice plus he is on thickened liquids.. i Just need some help trying to figure out some kind of calorie boosting easy on his tummy plus getting all the nutrients.. i just dont know what exactly he is allergic too. besides the milk protein but other foods seem to cause the same symptoms  please help!!;{

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If he isn't eating and drinking and they have ruled out other issues you should call your Dr. There could be a need for a tube (even if temporary). Getting proper nutrition is VITAL at this age when so many things are going on developmentally. I would be calling your Dr. ASAP to get things figured out.



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