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noah's here

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Hi everyone~
I haven't been around too much... my pregnancy seemed to go by in a blur as I balanced parenting my older children with my own needs and taking care of my business and patient/families, too... but now sweet baby noah is here and forcing me to slow down and catch my breath and revel in his newborn yumminess. what an amazing gift this "unexpected blessing" of ours has turned out to be! we had a crazy fast intense homebirth experience-- 3 hours total!--with shoulder dystocia and a broken clavicle... but we are healing fine and he is thriving-- over 11 pounds at 3 weeks old. the big kids love him to pieces and have been awesome-- i couldn't ask for more. if anyone's interested, the birth story and tons of photos are posted here.

blessings to each of you and all the babes!
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congrats! :: I have intense blur homebirths too
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WOW! Congrats from another mom with a fast intense HB, shoulder dystocia and a broken bone...our daughter has a broken humerus.
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Wow! Congratulations!!
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yay for another little noah, and just born a day after ours :

Congrats and good healing vibes!
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Congrats! I "feel" your pain and joy! I also homebirthed a baby with shoulder dystocia the end of last month -- first time for both (shoulder issue and HB) and so very intense and shocking for me, yet so thankful that baby and I were at home and not hospitalized.
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