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Transporting twins and toddler with bike trailer?

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Our three kids have outgrown their triple decker stroller and we need to find a new mode of transportation. We have been looking at the bike trailers but cannot find one that can carry three kids. Of course we can get two trailers but when my wife is at home alone during the week she wants to be able to get out and hit the pavement and sidewalks on her own. Are any of you aware of a three seater bike trailer or do you have any other suggestions. I hate to even ask this but do any of you put three kids in your double trailer? She can take trails wherever she wants to go and avoid streets.
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We have been in exactly this boat last summer and again this summer.

Last year, #1 could ride well alone and #2 was on the Trail-a-Bike with my husband. That left #3 (a toddler) and twins who were 6-9 months. We puzzled about bicycling for a long time. The best we could figure out was that we should build a little platform like a classical chariot or a kiddie board for a stroller and attach it behind our bike trailer. Needless to say, we somehow didn't manage to find time for such a construction problem and it was a summer without biking.

Now we have #1 and #2 biking on own and #3 on the Trail-a-bike with my husband. I take the twins in the bicycle trailer. Same problem you have: what to do when Dad's not home?

Yes, : I have a couple of times squashed all three boys into the bike trailer when desperate. I strapped the twins in as usual. I sat my 3-year-old sideways in the footwell. He's mature enough to stay seated when told. His head was a little squished by the front snap-over net, but he was happy. The twins were kicking and pinching him a bit, but we all had fun anyway and the grocery trip got done.

You could also consider an on-bike carrier for one twin and then put the older child and the second twin in the trailer. This was not an option for us as the rear-mounted bike seats make me SOOO nervous due to the instability they create for the adult rider. The front-mount seats are really expensive and we weren't prepared to spend that much just to try it out since they appear to be quite uncomfortable for the adult since knees must be spread around them while pedaling.
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if you can afford it a triobike might work for three not sure or bakfiet definitly will if it is a long one. they are expensive tho
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i use a rear mounted child seat and a bike trailer, and it works great. I have not experienced any of the aforementioned instability as a result of the child seat.
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Thank you all for the help, I liked the cargo systems but they were a little to pricey. I think if we could design a decent and affordable three person trailer it could mean retirement. I think we will try the child on the bike and see how unstable it seems as a starting point.
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I haven't personally tried this, but there is a bike path behind our house and a couple of times a week I see quite a sight: mum/dad on bike, kid on trail-a-bike, twins in bike trailer attached to trail-a-bike. I think that cornering would be best done slowly, but they go out for bike rides like that at least a couple of times a week so it can't be too unmanageable.
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