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I purchased a curious george pocket diaper from Erin at Doodlebugs Diapers on ebay. You can see her work here:

It is a wonderful diaper! It is a three layer pocket diaper (plus insert). On the outside is a soft cotton printed fabric, then a waterproof layer, then the fleece "pocket." DS (a heavy wetter at 25 months) was in the diaper for 4 hours (with the included soaker) with no leaks or wicking. And it was so cute he actually wanted to put it on!

I paid only $6 for the diaper, inner & shipping so an Excellent deal. I will definately buy more (she has the cutest fabric) and don't know how anyone could be disappointed with them at this price. IMO, they run just a tad on the large side is DS is 28 lbs and on the smallest snaps of the 25-35 lb size. BUT, the soaker is so thin, it would probably fit him tighter with a prefold insert.

In addition, Erin was a delight to deal with!!! She is happy to do custom orders (pocket, aio, etc...) and shipped super fast!