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Tucson--Please Tell Me About Your OBGYNs & Midwives

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I'm new here. : I'm 31, expecting our first baby with a so-far uncomplicated pregnancy.

I was recently risked out at the Birth & Women's Center due to GERD / hiatal hernia and a history of depression. I'm really disappointed because I was hoping to give birth as naturally as possible in a supportive environment.

I have an OBGYN (who works out of UMC primarily with high risk pregnancies) who I like, but I am not sure how she feels about my birth plan. I am going to discuss this with her ASAP but if anyone could tell me about their birth experiences with local providers, that would be fantastic. Thanks so much in advance!
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they risked you out for that?


call amy zenizo
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La Dea

I too wanted to go to the birth center but they didn't accept my insurance. I tried UMC but just didn't feel at all comfortable with it - so hospital-ly for regular appointments. I found a medical spa on the NW side of town called La Dea and have a wonderful OBGYN there, Dr Kathryn Landherr. She was fine with my natural birth plan and the prenatal care was great. They deliver at NW Hospital.
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inchijen, i checked & my insurance doesn't cover amy zenizo's services. :

becca, i have heard good things about kathryn landherr too. i'm not sure about northwestern hospital. i have heard that at st. joe's they pretty much require all women to have pit & an epidural. not sure whether that's true or not.

anybody else have input???

thanks, ladies.
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Good grief I have depression and I wasn't risked out of the Birth Center! I voluntarily switched to a homebirth midwife, Billye Matthews, for this time because of their stupid backing docs and their policies. It didn't use to be that I way I promise.

St. Joes's does have a nice L&D area IMO (I used to work there) but it's the individual doc that is more worriesome. I have met women (a former coworker while I was working there in fact) who delivered without drugs or pit. It's just a matter of finding a doc with your wishes. UMC is actually IMO one of the more open-minded hospitals around, which rather shocked me. Recently my friend delivered her 9 pd 19 oz baby with no drugs, no inducement, no pressure. TMC isn't my fave, even though they are the only one allowing mw's to deliver there. NW is pretty nice in the way o f L&D but again, it depends on the doc. I've heard nice things about Grace Maternity as well as previously mentioned La Dea.
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thanks so much. it's reassuring that positive experiences can be had at different hospitals. i'm glad to hear UMC is fairly open-minded. i think i will call & try to schedule the tour of L&D.

i am still really not sure how to proceed. do you think it is weird to schedule an appt specifically to go over my birth plan with my OB prior to the next appt? i am 26w2d now & my next appt isn't until 29w. i really would like to have things lined up... if i need to switch providers i would prefer to do it now. but i have that fear of being perceived as a problem patient... i don't know.
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a second vote for Billye Matthews

We're due in February and are going with Billye. She works with an insurance biller. For us, she's an out of network provider, so they won't cover as much. But hey, it's better than nothing.

It seems like she's pretty open minded about certain "conditions", so you might be in luck. It can't hurt to meet her and see what advice she has for you.

Kepp us posted. Good luck!

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I gotta 3rd Billye, she was my mw for my pregnancy with dd Amy Zenizo, Stephanie Fritz, and Lisa Block-Weiser are all great homebirth midwives as well (and your insurance may be more likely to cover Lisa B-W since she is a CNM). I've also heard wonderful things about Bette Kibble although I never met or talked with her personally.

I gave birth to my 1st at St. Joe's and personally I thought it was a terrible experience although mostly due to the nurses and my own ignorance. It was terrible enough though that I think I would have a panic attack if I had to go to a hospital again to give birth. I absolutely LOVED my homebirth though and would never go back even if I had had a good hospital experience...the homebirth experience is just so awesome.
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I switched from my obgyn to the Birth Center, was going to risk out b/c most likely the babe would be late and had a totally uncomplicated home birth with Lisa Block-Weiser. : (41 weeks, 6 days)

I'd totally recommend Lisa B-W!
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Lisa Block-Wieser has closed her practice. She is moving out of state.
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Originally Posted by goldingoddess View Post
Lisa Block-Wieser has closed her practice. She is moving out of state.
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info on Lisa

Here's the little I know about Lisa's leaving town.

I was planning on going with her for my February 2009 birth and she was even planning on it, but then she called to say she was leaving town. I have a friend that's due in September andshe said that Lisa is finishing with her eight or so clients.

When Lisa called me, I could tell she felt really bad about leaving, but she's doing it for herself. (I think she's having surgery or something.) It was a tough decision for her. Lisa was really good to me and had already called a few others to see if they were available for me and let them know I'd be calling.

I'm sad, since I liked her and she's the only CNM in town. It makes me want to go to school and become a CNM for Tucson!

We all just need to stick together and protect the remaining midwives in the area!

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What about her back-up, Leah?
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Lia is working on finishing her license requirements, it will be another few months
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Well that's cool.....though it's sad to lose Tucson's only CNM HB MW.....man.
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actually the only HB CNM in the state---
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OMG - the ONLY one in the state?!
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Lisa Block - Wieser

I read somewhere that Lisa is back?? anyone know about this and if so do you have her contact information? i was set to give birth at the Birth Center and have been disappointed there so I'm looking for another option.
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Lisa's Back!

Yes, we once again have a homebirth CNM! Yay!
Here's her e-mail address. WBMLisa@comcast.net
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