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LMP 8 weeks but empty sac on u/s...

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Wondering if anyone else had similiar experience...i had 3 positive home tests this past week, saw ob today to confirm and they gave me lmp of 8 weeks. They then did u/s because of my past infertility history and found an empty yolk sac only measuring at 5 weeks. They said it is too early to tell if they were just off on their dates or if I miscarried and I have to wait two weeks for another u/s to see if they can find heartbeat. Has anyone else had this experience? I've had no bleeding but some cramping. Am very disappointed and upset at possiblity of loss. I hate having to wait another two weeks to know. Thanks, phoenix
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No advice but I'm sorry you're dealing with this and I hope it ends up okay.
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no advice just and youre in my thoughts
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Phoenix what do you think your dates are? Cramping is common in early pregnancy and I've heard many stories of empty sacs that were full a couple of weeks later. I think all you can do is wait and hope though, there is no way to be sure unless you know your dates very firmly.

Sending sticky vibes, and patience vibes for what I know is going to be a long couple of weeks.
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Is it possible that you ovulated late? In which case, you might only be 5 weeks and everything is just too small to see. Hang in there.
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Thanks for the kind words....I have NEVER had normal cycles and actually didn't have a period for most of the last 3 years since my daughter's birth. I started on the drug, Metformin, for polysystic ovaries, in Feb to try to start a period again. Have only had 2-3 days of bleeding each month since then and most have been 30-35 days apart. This makes me hopeful that the dr. calcuation of 8 weeks is not accurate for me. Also, I took a preg test 8 days after i was due at 30 days for period and it was negative. Took 3 more weeks (last Thursday) for the positive to show up. So I am trying to hold onto hope that I really am just 5 weeks preg and it is too early to see anything. But the anxiety and sadness are still there. I'm a bit neurotic, so letting go and relaxing for the next two weeks is unlikely. I think I will feel better if my hcg levels come back elevated in 3 days. phoenix:
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Oh PCOS is notorious for late ovulations. No promises but hang in there, its definitely possible ... my first son was 10 days later than LMP would indicate, luckily I knew my ovulation date with him.
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With this pregnancy, my periods had been regular for several months (I also have PCOS, but it's been very responsive to dropping hormonal birth control and switching to cloth pads) and so when my period was late...I took a pregnancy test and it was positive.

Because I have a history of severe PID, I called the doc right away to get an ultrasound to make sure the baby wasn't ectopic. First ultrasound, I thought I was 6weeks, and had an empty uterus with "something" on my ovary. I heard from the radiologist, they told me he was ectopic.

A few days later I saw the OB, and low and behold I had an empty sack that was measuring 4 weeks 3 days. Two weeks later I measured 7 weeks with a fetal pole and a yolk sack!

So it's possible. I'm now 21 weeks.

I spent several days grieving for my "ectopic" baby, and coming to the realization that I wouldn't have this baby. Then had to spend several more days coming to the realization that I WAS having a baby, even though I had come to the acceptance that we were "done". So I know how you feel, with the sadness and stuff.

Praying for you and that little bean.
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i had this and i am 34 weeks now!

i was (according to my LMP) 6.5 weeks pg when i had an m/c. got scanned at hosp and was told no sac left. but my HCG levels kept rising in my blood tests so they scanned me again and then found what looked like to be an empty 5 week sized sac when i should have been just over 7 weeks by my LMP. as its too early to see a h'beat at 5 weeks they sent me home like they have you and went back a few days later to see a h'beat, and they put my dates back a bit. in my case i had twins as i def lost one but i obviously had another smaller/ younger one in there. maybe you just got pg late in your cycle?

good lucjk anyway and dont lose hope yet!
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Yup, me too. I had an empty sac when I thought I was around 7.3 weeks or so.... I went back ten days later and there was the baby! I am now 29 weeks. I hope the best for you!
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Yes, I've read on a site about "The Misdiagnosed Miscarriage" about women who went in for D&Cs due to an empty sac, but it was just missed on the U/S. But, by then, it was too late, so they unintentionally had an abortion.

Lots of hugs and love to you. I hope your little one is growing in there!!
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Feeling More Hopeful...thanks for the replies

Thank you all for sharing the positive stories...I'm definitely feeling more hopeful today. I am a firm believing in listening to what my body is telling me and given that I've spent the entire day throwing up, I'm feeling like I'm still pregnant. I know that could still happen with m/c but I know my cycles are always late and I know the PCOS wreaks havoc on my system. Therefore, I have to believe that 8 weeks LMP is not even a possible norm for me and that 5.5 weeks makes a whole lot more sense. Trying to keep focused. I am having another blood quantum done tomorrow and am praying for rising levels. Thank you all again. Your stories are adding to my hope that this is going to be a viable pregnancy! Phoenix
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3 of my pregnancies have been 12 days off the LMP. Hang on till your next u/s.
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a woman in my TTC group had a diagnosis of empty sac at her first ultrasound, but just went in for her second (at 10 weeks, i believe) and there's a strong healthy heartbeat! grow baby grow!
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This happened to me both times! With my dd, all they could see was an empty sac (I was around 5 weeks) and the pregnancy was confirmed when I came back in a couple weeks later. With this pregnancy, they couldn't find anything at 5 weeks, not even an empty sac, and flat out told me I wasn't pregnant. I have no idea where this lo was hiding! It was also confirmed two or three weeks later. Oh! And just for kicks, let me add that the blood tests I was given both times came back negative.
Trust your instincts and Good luck!
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This same thing happened to me, my original LMP date was 12/2 and at my first ultrasound they thought i was 8 weeks came back empty. We waited another two weeks and turns out my actual due date was 12/17! with a beautiful heartbeat.

Good luck to you and your bean!
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I had this happen, except that I was bleeding off and on and my bloodwork was abnormal (my progesterone levels were 2.6-normal is between 10 and 14). We waited a long time, kept checking on it, I finally had a D&C at 10 weeks along. I had a blighted ovum-basically the sac formed but no baby. Honestly it was probably better since this usually happens when something is seriously wrong with the baby, but my body was like trying to miscarriage and couldnt at the same time. It was annoying. However, I turned around and got pregnant again 4 days after the D&C (OOPS!!!) and had a little girl 9 months later

Hopefully your dates are just off and you'll get to see a little heartbeat in there soon!
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All the best and please keep us updated!
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Some good news...still waiting for U/S

THanks to all you mamas who replied. It definitely helped with the nerves. Had more bloodwork done on Wed and found out yesterday that my hcg levels are doubling appropriately, so dr. said that was a positive indicator. Morning (all day and night, really) sickness is increasing as well. 10 more days till next u/s....trying to not get overly confident or overly anxious....will update when I know more. Thank you thank you thank you....this was my first post and I really, really appreciated all your support. :
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doubling HCG levels are a GREAT SIGN!!
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