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It's a GIRL!!!

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: I gave birth to Zoe Jean Pierson at 7:40pm on 7/21/08!!!! :

quick stats:

9lbs2oz (dd1 was only about 7.5lbs!)
22.5" long!!!

born at home in water in about 7 pushes with my MW's asst getting here about 20-30min before birth and MW making it within about 10min before the birth.

she's such a big girl! she's been nursing non-stop and has joined the super-pooper club she's already had 3 big poos (one on daddy)!

be back with the long and short of it later.
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woo hoo! good news for you and Zoe! so glad you had your babe! have fun!:
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Woohoo Congrats ::
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Congratulations! Welcome Zoe!
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Congratulations!!! :
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Cutest name ever!! Glad everything went smoothly. Congrats mama!!!
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Great news! Congratulations! I love the name too
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Yay! Congratulations!
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Congratulations! Enjoy your babymoon!
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Congrats, and welcome Zoe!
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Congrats! : Welcome little Zoe! (or not so little )
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Big congratulations to you!
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Congratulations mama! I am glad you are enjoying your girl! Great name too!
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Congrats! My baby is part of the super poop club too
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Congratulations, welcome little Zoe!

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yeah!!! Congrats!!!:
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Congrats! Glad your birth went smoothly!
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