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What do you call it?

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What is your family's name for breastfeeding/breastmilk/boobies? I call it "boobie" right now but I'm not sure sure a toddler screaming "I want boobie Momma!" in a busy mall is all that cute.
I dunno. Maybe it is. I want to find something cute that I like before my LO is able to talk
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I am trying to get DS used to the term "Num Nums" lol
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i call it girl time...if i have a son next time, i'll probably have to change the name
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Nursies or milkies when I'm talking to her or singing about it. Booby juice when talking to adults!
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We just say nursing. For some reason all the "cutsie" names annoy me. My kids call breasts "nursers." I'll be sad when they stop.
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It is Ut-oh's in our house. DS started it. And it has now gone to ds2. Well, ds2 is only 8 months so he doesn't say it yet but that is what we are going with.
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We call it "Ninnies" It has always been the family term so I am just carrying it on.
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Cutesy names annoy me, too. We call it nursing, and I still just call my breasts... breasts. DD's not much of a talker, but she knows most body parts (for pointing) and will point and say "Bweh."
I find "boobies" mildly offensive in any context. It's too eighties-teenage-boyish for me.
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DD calls them NuNus and I call them nursers.
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Sometimes DS will say "Where's nipples?" That could be a little embarassing. But most of the time he says "I want to sit!" (like sit in a chair with me and nurse), and that's not so bad.
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We call it nay nays, because that was what his crying sounded like when he was a hungry newborn. Nay Nay! A friend's toddler calls them MeeMees.
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My little guy called them it mooka

I think he started it because he was trying to say milk.
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My daughter calls it "sit down" or "oh goodness" (she has always been so big that I say "oh goodness" as I am lifting her to switch sides).

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We call it Mama's Milk or the Boob. But everyone we hang out with regularly thought it was cute when my toddler asked for the boob!
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I call it nursies to DD. She also signs for nursing. DH calls it, "Titty!" or "Titty MIlk" I hope DD calls is nursies when she starts talking!
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We call nursing milk or milky or milkies, but breasts are breasts and nipples are nipples. Now, tell me why nipple is so so funny to an 18month old without the social context for it? Must just sound funny I guess.
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I call it mommy milk, but DS calls it boo-boo.
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We call it nursing. Why would you want to make up another term?
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we call it titty-time : (I know, I know) but DH came up with that one....

I've got to come up with another name before DS really starts talking!
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Mostly nursing.....i sometimes say "magical boob juice" which i read on here and thought was SOOOOOO ridiculous so then i started saying it b/c dp thought it was painfully embarrassing and now I can't stop.... if ds falls or something i might say "he needs magical boob juice!"

I sign milk, sometimes, but then I can't tell if he wants to nurse or is waving.
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