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We call it Num-ah because that's how it sounds when a grunty little baby like mine eats.
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We called it nursies w/ ds1, milkies w/ dd, and both w/ ds2. We also call it booby sammich because he holds the breast like a sandwich.
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I call it mama milk, but my 2 year old DS calls it "boo", or "mohr boo peez".
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DD is fascinated with nipples right now- Dad's, mine, brothers, half-naked cousins....
She doesn't call nursing anything yet, but she signs "more" and leans her head sideways or lays down in my lap. I call it nursing so she probably will too.
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Originally Posted by VijayOwens View Post
My daughter calls it "sit down" or "oh goodness" (she has always been so big that I say "oh goodness" as I am lifting her to switch sides).

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I ask "Want a nippy?" or "Want some milk?"
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Originally Posted by jakesmama View Post
I call it nursing so she probably will too.
with my first son, i was very consistent with calling it nursing because i wasn't really into all the cutesy names for it. he ended up calling it "side" (as in, "which side? this side? do you want to switch sides?") anyway! i guess i was definitely consistent enough-- just not with the term that i thought i was being consistent enough with!

with my second son, now almost 14 months old, "nursing" morphed into "nursies" (guess living with all those toddler pronunciations wore me down or something), and he seems to have pretty much settled on calling it "meemee", which i can't help but reinforce because he just sounds so darned cute!

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Originally Posted by VijayOwens View Post
My daughter calls it "sit down" or "oh goodness" (she has always been so big that I say "oh goodness" as I am lifting her to switch sides).


That's soooo me too.

I've been trying to call it "nursies" lately with DS who is almost 1. We called it boobies before but I don't want him picking that up.

A friend's baby calls it "this", as in "do you want some of this?" She'll gently pat her mom's shirt and say "dis?" VERY cute.
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We've always called it nursing or "Do you want some nurnies?" but dd calls it nie-nie, which I'm OK with. It's sweet
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With DS1, "mee-mees" was popular with our friends/nurslings, but he called it 'flips', as in 'flip me to the other side'; another friend called it "sidey"

DS2 called it "nur-nurs"... which, when shouted in Target can be a little attention-getting! LOL!

I tend to say nur-nurs or mama milk; DH has started calling it Magic Mama Juice this time around with dd; not sure what will stick when she gets old enough to say...
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Ah-aahs. That's what I started out saying to get her to open her mouth when she was first born. She started mimicking me on day 4. She "says" it now (at nearly 5mo) when I'm otherwise occupied and clueless that that's what she wants. Sometimes it's just AAAH as she latches on. Heh.
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In our house it it mostly called "boos boos". I have no idea how it started. My twins now say "Mama Ayden wants boos boos" whenever he starts to fuss. DP on the other hand has a gazzilion names for it, including Da-eery (think about that stupid milk commercial where the people from the other planet/world called the cow that), and boober juice.
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Ninnies here, too!

Originally Posted by Elle Jay View Post
We call it "Ninnies" It has always been the family term so I am just carrying it on.
My son called it ninnies all on his own. I refer to it as milk or time to nurse, but when he was probably 10-14 months old, he started saying ninny (probably meaning nursing?) and it stuck. Now when he wants to nurse, he asks for ninnies and often claims my 'ninnies' as "baby's ninnies!" (he's 25 mos. old)

My 2nd son said 'boobies' and that was embarassing at times since we nursed until just before his 3rd birthday and he was very verbal very early - especially when he was trying to pull my shirt up in the middle of the mall and screaming "boobies!!" at me
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Mommy milk. We've always called it that since we call milk fromt he fridge, cow milk.
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it's called milky here...and DS calls my breasts boobs/boobies. But for asking for it, we taught/will teach milky. It is cutesy, but I can't help myself
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We used the term "nurse". And my breasts are "nurses". EBF isn't really common in my area. And if she was going to say something about wanting to nurse or about my breasts, I wanted it to be immediately obvious to people why that is.
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When dd was an infant, we referred to it as "boobie" and then dh had the wonderful thought that she'd likely be BF when she was verbal so we might want to find a new name for it.....That's when "me me" was born. Me me has a life of it's own here since dd nursed until almost 4y when her little brother took over.
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We call it nummies here and num-nums for short!!
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Originally Posted by MaterPrimaePuellae View Post
Cutesy names annoy me, too. We call it nursing, and I still just call my breasts... breasts. DD's not much of a talker, but she knows most body parts (for pointing) and will point and say "Bweh."
I find "boobies" mildly offensive in any context. It's too eighties-teenage-boyish for me.

But I usually ask if he wants milk. I use "nurse" maybe 10-20% of the time.

And as a side note, we call the other white stuff "bovine lactational secretion" so he won't get confused.
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Dd took so long to even start talking 2+ yrs, I didn't care what she called it!

She mainly asks for "nuk" which is her saying "milk". I've heard her say, "boo boo", "boob", and "nurse" as well.

I the last few weeks she's been just cuddling up to me and saying, "I wub you too mama" and fishing it out of my shirt.
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