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Friends call it chi-chis and ninnies and I noticed ds has decided it's mmm mmmm mmmm mmmm when he wants to nurse. So I guess he calls it mmm even though I'd been calling it nursies and milkies.
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we call it milk, milks, milkies, nurse (wanna nurse?) and boobin (gotta lay down with the baby she needs a boobin)
mainly i just ask if she wants milk and we sign milk.
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I've thoroughly enjoyed reading all of these. A favorite of mine recently is "nummies" although LO isn't calling them anything yet. We switch terms a lot (want: to nurse? boobies? milkies? to eat?), so we'll see what SHE picks!

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We call them "nee nees". DS signs for them.
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Fun thread! My DD calls it na-na, as in "I need to eat na-nas, mama!" She came up with this on her own; I didn't actively encourage any name in particular. She does know that I will occasionally refer to them as "boobs" but she knows I don't like it when she says it. She also knows the word "nurse" but she only uses that in relation to her dolls, toys, etc., when she wants me to "nurse" them.
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