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I'm using both my pouch and my maya ring sling, depending on what we're doing the pouches for when we're out, nursing, or she's sleeping. Maya ring sling when she doesn't want to nurse but wants to be upright, if I'm doing housework and she wants to be awake, etc. She'll frequently fall asleep in it but she doesn't want to go into the pouch if she's not sleepy so we do the maya then. I love babywearing and am so glad I got another sling-loving babe
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My pouch's are not to comfortable at the moment. . .I have a wrap and wear baby that I use and our current fav is the homemade moby wrap in a jersey knit that I even dyed myself
I don't have a ring sling this time around but don't mind. The Mai Tai is not as fun to wear right now, but I think that's because it's not a real great one. Trying to buy a baby hawk.
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I use my moby and a ring sling. I can't nurse in the wrap though.
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Originally Posted by kltroy View Post

QUESTION: What are you all doing about sun protection for your LO??? With a sling I am having trouble keeping Claire shaded and still not overheating her when it's hot and sunny out.
I use my body (keep my back to the sun so she stays shaded) along with a sunhat for her. When I'm going to be in direct sunlight for more than 5 minutes, I always keep a solarveil sling in the car. This way, I can cover her up if I need to.
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I'm using my Maya Pouch right now. My Hotsling from baby #3 is too small PP. I bought a Moby Wrap and believed it would solve all my back ache issues. And it could if ds liked it He'll sleep in it for awhile but never when he's awake. He thinks he's 6 mos. old and can hold his head up - he has to be looking around all the time so he doesn't want to be bunched up. The pouch works - I'm a big fan - but after awhile my back starts to ache. I'll be glad when I can wear him wrapped on my back. I think he'll like that.

I'm in the market for a couple of more slings. I want a new Hotsling because they are so much prettier now and I want another wrap because, although mine is pretty cute - its just 5 yds. of fabric I bought - I'd like another something (or two) but we're also in TX so I have to choose carefully. It's over 100 on a regular basis now.
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I've been using my solarveil RS quite a bit - it's so easy to pop him in and out, and the sun protection is nice. I'm loving my mei tai for longer outings, though - the RS just isn't comfortable for either of us for long periods of time.

I'm surprised that I don't really care for my Moby. I thought I'd love it. We've only done the newborn hug hold, though - perhaps we'll both like it better in other holds.
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we only own a moby wrap that my doula gave me and we love it! norah is quite content to fall asleep in the newborn position, though we've just recently tried turning her around and she seemed to like that too, though i keep bumping her into things while i'm moving around.

i told her to yell at me when i do that
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At the moment, we are using a padded ring sling..easy in and out (or I lie DD down still in the sling and she doesn't wake up---usually)

I'm also loving my Sleepywrap, but it can be too hot. Good for going outside walking though...especially when I have to keep up with my DS.
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Finally - I've been wanting to post here forever, but never managed with noah nursing non-stop, and being sunburned and me being completely sleep deprived...

I don't use ANY carier at the moment, because neither my ring slings nor my mai tai work for us. mainly bc DS feels squashed in the sling and the mai tai is just too big, I guess. I am planning to make one slightly more narrow and with a flap to hold the head, but you know what it's like... - go out to buy fabric? sit down and do some sewing? Ha! In my dreams...

Anyhow, the biggest problem is the heat - all of the above are just too hot for him. I really need to find a aolution bc he is getting heavier and heavier and I don't get ANYthing done, because I am holding him most of the time.
Any advice on carriers for hot climates etc. desperately needed and very welcome... TIA and sorry for semi-hijacking
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I keep forgetting that some people actually get hot summers. We live in the Pacific NW and it has been cold and foggy here for as long as I can remember. I don't even own a pair of shorts. I'm sorry that it is so hot for your babies, but I have to admit that I am a little jealous of your sunny days.

That being said, we have used the ergo, a posh pappoose RS, and a woven wrap. So far, Rex likes the wrap best, but I wear the RS or ergo for errands because dealing with the yards of wrap can be overwhelming when he is screaming.
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Originally Posted by DiannaK View Post
sigh ....

I am a baby wearing loser ....

The only thing I feel comfortable/figure out with is the Bjorn. I have a Hotsling, and a Moby wrap, as well as a Maya ring sling. It's like I need someone here to show me how to use them each time .....

I can sort of get it, when I'm with an experienced user ... but then get me home, and no amount of reading/video/playing with the wrap/pouch/sling helps me.

PLEASE tell me I'm not the only one!
hey! I'm not so good at the sling/wrap stuff either. I got a BabyHawk, though, and it's sooooo simple!! I love it! I'm thinking about getting an Ergo too...do you know anyone with either of these so you can try it out?
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Been using the homemade wrap a lot and the babyhawk and sometimes the borrowed ring sling. Can't decide if I like it enough to buy my own.
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BabyHawk mei tai all the way. She's nice and snug, I can nurse her pretty easily when she's on my front (I've been the queen of NIP'ing lately... while signing loan papers at the bank, at Costco, while walking down the street, at the park, in the backyard, pretty much wherever we are). She went cherry picking on Friday on my front, and went huckleberry picking on my back (hubby had to help me get her there safely) last week. She loves it, I'm comfy, etc.

I also got my new one with pockets and all that jazz, so I can just slide my wallet and keys in there so I can leave the diaper bag in the car and have two free hands for each of my little hoodlums to keep them from running into traffic.

ETA: Photos of our recent excursions with her in the BH are on my blog for the curious...
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I started using my Bali Baby Stretch but its often too hot for it. After a few weeks, I realized I could use my Mai Tei so I've been using that a lot. It is much quicker to get on and lets more air in so its not so hot.
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