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I have PPD again with this little guy. I had it with my ds1 too. I went unmedicated with him and was completely miserable for a year. So when it hit this time I went and got meds. I started Zoloft last week and I hope it kicks in soon.

I feel so unmotivated all the time. Nothing gets done, my house is disgustingly dirty. All I manage is laundry and dishes. I don't have it in me to deal with ds1's behavior issues. I am not eating properly. *sigh*

It sucks....I really thought I would be able to avoid it this time around. I didn't have the birth trauma to deal with, or financial issues....my dp is much more supportive that my ex husband ever was. Yet here it is again.
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I'm sorry. Sounds like your taking action right away. I hope you feel better soon.
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I'm sorry mama
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I'm in the same boat as you hunny.

I had it with dd1, now dd2. Except this time I'm not mapping out routes to the nearest bridges like last time. We won't talk about the state of my house though.

I have meds, but I'm seeing my doc this week to see about meds that won't make me so tired.

From one ppd mama to another, hang in there.
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Hugs mama(s)...

just wanted to send along a note to remind you to be gentle w/ yourself! Dont' worry about the house...you just had a baby! your house is allowed to be dirty. Do try to eat well, etc (which you already know, i know)...but when I've worked w/ women w/ PPD, they often are harder on themselves about what they aren't doing for others, rather than what they aren't doing for themselves (which is true of depression generally, but I digress). if your BFF called w/the exact same set of circumstances as you, same feelings, same everything...what would you tell her to do for herself? put it on your self-care list...trust me, it will start working almost as soon as the Zoloft!

also, the Zoloft counts as self-care...good for you foradvocating for treatment that will help.
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toh sorry...
HUGS Mama!!!
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Oh man! That sucks. Big hugs to you!
Hang in there!!!
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Hope you find what will work! Sending hugs!
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So sorry to hear this, Vanessa. I hope things turn around soon. In the meantime, as the PPs have said, don't worry about your house. This is WAY easier said than done, I realize, but it simply has to take a back seat.
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: I'm glad you got help. I went on meds halfway through my pregnancy. I've been fighting them for years, but decided I had just had enough of feeling miserable. I'm now on Zoloft and I truly think that's the only thing that's keeping me from ppd. I can hear the thoughts creeping up in my head of how I'm sad I'm not pregnant anymore, and how I can't get anything done because I'm always feeding her, or I'm just so tired.
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