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FINALLY! I have a boy! ** UPDATED with Birth story!** - Page 2

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Congrats! I hope it wasn't too horrific.
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Glad he's here! Congratulations!!
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Congratulations! And welcome to the new little one. : :
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Updated in OP!

It is long but a very good read! Hope you enjoy!

(And thanks, everyone!)
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Kidz, I just have to say way to go, sticking to your guns in such an extreme situation. Unlike you, all three of my births have been hospital births, although I planned homebirths for them all. I have been the exact kind of patient that you were, and I know how difficult it is to be in that role. Way to go!!!!!!! Way to believe in yourself, your husband, your baby. Your story, while it is just horrific, is also beautiful, triumphant, and fantastic. Congratulations!:
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Holly Cow mama! You're AMAZING!! Way to Go!! :
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Wow, sounds crazy hard.
And sounds like you were where I was with the pain thing. I could not have ever imagined that it could be so bad. I'm glad you were able to get him out as you did.

I'm glad you are both well and happy

I was in there for a little over 24 hours, too. I tried to think of it like a hotel, since they had a room service style menu & cable. I just watched a lot of Discovery channel (I don't watch tv ever, so it was kind of fun, in a weird I'm in the hospital way)
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WoW! What an amazing birth story! You are truly an inspiring woman!!

Congratulations on your BEAUTIFUL boy!! :
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Whoaaaa, that story took my breath away...


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Way to go, Mama!!! : While horrific, indeed, that was truly inspirational to the very core! I'm so thrilled to hear all is well with you and baby Isaiah! Congratulations and enjoy your babymoon!

By the way, you should put this in the Birth Stories section! Everyone should read this!
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Wow, what a story, there were moments in your story that reminded me very much of my own birth. Your baby is beautiful.
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You are an amazing woman and mother! If I were to end up in the hospital you are my inspiration to hold tight and get the birth I want. I know the OB we chose would stand up for us 100%, but it is hard when the hospital has its own way of doing things. Thanks for sharing the story of Isiah's birth
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what a story! Someday you will look at him (when he's about to be a papa) and say, "man...when I had you...."

an amazingly powerful story and way to be strong in such a tough situation...I doubt that there are many among us who would not have been scared into something we weren't quite prepared for. Your experience and confidence in your natural ability is amazing.

Congrats and welcome little man!!!:
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Congrats! And how amazing they actually listened to your requests!
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An amazing, impressive story! (And funny, too...)

I hope that if I end up at the hospital instead of my birth center, that I will be able to advocate for myself and my child as well as you did. It sounds like you and your husband were sharing the same brain - he did a great job advocating, too.
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WOW and WOW.::::
You're so brave, and impress by your story. You and your hubby makes think about the power of beign in the same page and how important is have information.

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WOOOO HOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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