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Summer Babywearing - ???

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Um, please help?

The last time I had a little bitty baby in the summer was 12 years ago...and all I had was a Snugli, so I didn't do a lot of babywearing. (Sigh)

My likes/dislikes, etc...
I love my BH mei tai, but my LO gets way too hot in it outdoors right now. I do have a couple of pouches, which are fine for quick trips and around the house, but I prefer having the support of both shoulders when on walks/hikes/outings with my active family. Plus, they're pretty hot as well. I also have a WAHM wrap, but it's too stretchy and difficult to get secure. I tried on a Moby wrap locally, which was nice, but it would be way too hot at this point, too. I thought solarveil would be too scratchy on a newborn, so didn't go that route when purchasing a new pouch prior to giving birth, but I do like the idea of the solarweave Sachi mei tai...but another $85?!?!?...can't do it right now.

We leave on vaca in less than two weeks now and I really need to get this figured out. I'm so frustrated!

P.S. - I really don't like ring slings, personally.
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Moving to babywearing
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Oh...ooops...not familiar with this forum. Hopefully I'll get more responses this way!
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OK, I have seen this question about 3 million times. Unfortunately when you are in a hot climate, and you have another human being pressed up against you, you will be HOTHOTHOT!

You could spend quite a lot of money and get a solarweave mei tai or buckle carrier, but those only help so much. Besides a friend of mine has a solarweave MT and says it's not supportive enough to be comfortable to wear for a longer period of time because it's very thin and doesn't have very much structure. Since you're going on vacation in less than two weeks, your best bet is to bring your BH.

In horribly hot weather, I take frequent breaks. I either lean forward (if he's on my front) and fan air between our sweaty bodies, or lean back and fan air between the gap that appears. I also passed DS to his father when it became too much.

Perhaps there's a used solarweave MT available on TheBabyWearer FSOT. That's all I've got for you. Have a good vacation, and hopefully it won't be too bad.
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Sorry to be the three million and first...gotta start somewhere. I got moved over here before realizing (or remembering?) this particular flavored board exists (don't frequent babywearing forums), plus search doesn't tend to work for me here.

Thanks for the reply. I know I'll be hot...just looking for cooler alternatives and sun protection for my babe. I will check TBW for used.
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This doesn't help much with the wearing part, but I checked and sunscreen IS ok for very little babies as long as you get a good one. The Environmental Working Group has gone and rated all the ingredients of all the sunscreens to let you know what's harmful etc. Link is here:

Anything that they rate a 0, 1, or 2 would be "recommended". Even a 3 is ok depending on the reason for the 3 (I just bought stuff today that got a 3 for low UV protection - it's SPF 18 and the store didn't have any of the brand I wanted in 30...).

Disturbingly, MOST sunscreens get pretty awful ratings.

As for wearing in the summer, it's just hot. I tend to use my wrap-sling and do a cross-front carry so that at least some air can circulate around my LO. Plus, her arms and legs are free so that helps too. (although then you need to worry about sun protection).
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Do you sew at all? I made a summer-weight wrap out of cotton gauze for under $30. Just get 5 - 6 yards of 45" wide cotton gauze, cut in half length-wise, and hem the edges. Voila! You now have not 1, but 2 wraps! Granted I don't spend a ton of time outside this time of year, but I've found this wrap to be very comfortable and neither of us gets too hot.
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I live somewhere really hot too, and I've realized that the fabric of the carrier doesn't really matter (unless you're using fleece or something, or tons of fabric like a wrap)--it's having the baby up against you that mostly makes you hot. So I actually like my pouch, since there's then a layer of cloth between you and baby that cuts down on the sweatiness.

In my MT (which I use a LOT), I've found that back carries are much cooler (though still somewhat sweaty) than the front--might want to work on perfecting your back carry before you leave for vacation.
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Skip the Sachi Solar weave, seriouly, I had one during one of our hottest summers and even though it was a bit cooler it was way to thin and with the angled waiststraps DDs bum kept showing through the bottom no matter how tight I tied it. The fabric was just too thin. I like walking with my umbrelkla on sunny days, and if you tie your LO looser he should be able to lean back a bit an let some air flow between you two. You could also wet your carriers or wrap wet towels around LO head or neck.
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Gypsy Mama bali baby breeze wraps are gauze and about as cool as they come. They are a little cheaper than the Sachi and you can probably find some on TBW FSOT.

I also like the Kangaroo Korner adjustable mesh pouches for summer, although they are not two-shouldered of course.
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I actually just did a little BW in summer wrap-up for our July newsletter. The original has all this links to actual products in it (plus some cool pics of me wearing Tom under a waterfall - PM me for you'd like it.


Babywearing 101: Summer babywearing

It's hot, it's humid - the last thing you want to do is put on yet another layer, especially one filled with a warm baby! Some tips:

Keep in mind that you'll have that extra layer and dress your and kiddo accordingly. Solar-protective slings are available and you can also buy "after-market" covers for some carriers.

Wear a broad hat yourself and make sure baby has a broad brimmed hat too - this can usually provide most of the shade you need. Regular umbrellas won't provide much UV protection, but 'parasols' are now on the market if you feel the need.

Ring slings: stick to silk, mesh or a fine cotton. An open tail can provide additional sun cover if needed. Avoid heavily padded shoulders and rails (for lots of reasons).

Pouches: stick to a light cotton (or solarveil). Obviously, avoid fleece and lined pouches will be warmer.

Wraps: A stretchy wrap can be quite warm, but a fine woven wrap can be very comfortable. An alternative is to use a mei tai with a minimum of padding.

Finally, use common sense: keep well hydrated and listen to your baby or child's cues.

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