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Why is my pee neon yellow?

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I recently started taking a B complex vitamin in hopes of getting a little energy. My pee is bright neon yellow--sort of stratling to see. I'm guessing it is caused by the vitamin. Why is this happening?
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It's the vitamin B! Mine is like that too. Usually only right after I take it (twice a day). The rest of the time it's normal??? I don't think it's hurts ya, I've been taking it for 2+ years.
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I thought it was the coloring they added to the vit B, either way that's what it is, and it happens to everyone that takes it.
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it doesn't just have to be B-Complex.

I had the same thing happen when I started Rainbow Light Multi; and it continues on my Rainbow Light PreNatal.

Actually reminds me if I miss a does; I got potty and think "oh ye I forgot". Silly me.

I do not think it is the fake coloring; as far as I know Rainbow Light doesn't use the coloring.

But, yes it is safe. I have been on them over 3 years now.

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Bright yellow pee tends to be from excess vitamin B2 (riboflavin) being excreted. It just means that you are probably getting more than you need at a particular time. Rainbow Light Prenatals (like all other prenatals contain riboflavin, so it is pretty common for anyone on a multi-vitamin, prenatal or just straight B-Complex to see bright yellow pee
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