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What do you hang over your bed?

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I have always had this dilemma in every house I have lived in. I am never completely satitistifed with what I hang over my bed. I don't want something heavy feeling because I think it's bad feng shui and am afraid of it falling on my head. So, I am looking for a change for the master bedroom to be completely calm and serene, my oasis! So tell me what you hang over your beds (pics would be awesome too!). Thanks!!!
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When I read this post, I thought immediately of something I saw online, I THINK it was on the website for WestElm, but I can't find it now...It was like a tree branch suspended from the ceiling with a breezy white curtain hanging from it in the space between the wall and the head of the bed. Does that make sense? It had a very serene feel. What about something like that, such as a curtain rod with gauzy curtains or some interesting textile curtains (embroidery, color, whatever you like) hanging between the head of bed & wall??
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That sounds really pretty..I will look up some ideas like that. At my old house I had a beautiful birch branch nailed to the wall but I don't want to put a million holes in the wall here. That branch was actually the only thing I ever hung behind my bed that I liked, but I don't know of any birch trees around me, plus you have to cut in spring time. Thanks for that idea, I like the thought of breezy gauze or something like that.
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i try to position the head of my bed under a window. possibly out of laziness but i also just like the be near the fresh air and a breeze when i'm sleeping, i think.

since you don't want something heavy, what about something like:
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I don't have anything over my bed. Partly because we cosleep and my DD would stand up on the bed and mess with it, partly because we don't have a headboard and the bed is right against the wall. (And partly because we haven't gotten that far in decorating our bedroom that we've had to give it serious consideration and feel like there's something missing there!) I agree with you about it being bad feng shui--I have chosen not to hang our ketubah (jewish wedding contract) over our bed for that reason, that I am literally afraid that it will fall on my head in the middle of the night. If we had a headboard and the bed could thus be a couple of inches more forward from the wall I'd probably feel differently about it.

But I like the PPs idea of decals--I've seen that a lot more lately on decor sites. Also, I thought immediately of a wall quilt or other fabric art type wall hanging. At least if it fell on you most of it would be soft and fluffy.
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My parents brought me back a beautiful (and light) tapestry from their trip to eastern Africa. I sewed ribbon hoops along the top and then hung it on a curtain rod over our bed. It's a tad longer than the width of our bed, so it's the perfect size and it looks airy and beautiful.
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What I did today was get some manzanita branches (that I had in a vase in the living room) split them into 2 bundles, crossed them, wrapped a brown grosgrain ribbon around it, suspended it from a string on a nail. I think it looks pretty and earthy. Thanks for all the great ideas, when I get tired of this I might try the curtain rod thing with some pretty gauze or something.
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I know what you mean. I'm having the same problems. Not sure what to do.:
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I'm supposed to hang stuff over my bed?! Dang it...now I've got to figure out a cheap as free something or other for that too...
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This art, although I don't know if it could be considered serene!
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at the moment, nothing.

I'm thinking of framing some tasteful nudes of DH and some of myself. Sort of claiming it as our space again, ya know? After YEARS of family bed.
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Just my dreamcatcher.
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I like the idea of having a pendant light over the bed -- a big rice paper one, or something white with an interesting shape, or one made from a paper umbrella -- something nice to look at from in bed. I think a photo headboard could look really cool if done tastefully. I think if the bed is nicely dressed and there's a nice headboard (easy to DIY), there's no need to have anything on the wall over the bed. A "headboard" can also be a rug or tapestry or bedspread or quilt hung on the wall behind the bed. I'll probably be putting a small double happiness symbol on the wall above our bed, and that's it.
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I love having our bed at an angle in our bedroom. We currently have only a tall lamp behind our bed that I plug in only when needed.


DD is four feet tall. The comforter is usually out on both corners. I was taking pictures showing off our new dresser (on left) and the "legs" were important. LOL BTW, I finally got felt feet under the clock and phone, so the white hankie is no longer there.
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That's a good idea to put the bed in the corner then you don't have to worry about hanging anything up! I love that color blue, so peaceful...
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I don't hang anything anymore. I try to make our room very spacey and not cluttered with stuff. So it's just the bed, the two table stands and that's pretty much it. Nothing hanging, no need for dusting.... just trying to simplify.
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personally I hang the testicles of ex boyfriends above mine...but whatever works for you
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I don't hang anything over my bed. Maybe its just growing up in the earthquake state (Ok, California, but we did have a lot of big earthquakes growing up) but Im not even a big fan of headboards (I do have one, I just don't much care for them). Id be worried of whatever it was falling off and hitting me in the head while I slept.. Yes its happened during an earthquake before.
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I don't have anything over the head of my bed, but I do have some photos of my kids as babies on the wall above my bed- if they fell, it would be onto my knees, not my head.
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Right now I don't have anything over (above) my bed. On the wall behind my head board I think there are some princess wallies that DD stuck on the wall! But...I am moving soon into a house (just bought my first house) and the bedrooms are a feng shui nightmare! It's a 170 year old colonial with 2 windows on two walls and a fireplace on a third and 2 sets of door on the fourth wall! Oh-and exposed beams on the ceiling. I'm not supposed to put my bed in front of a window, above a beam or with my feet facing the door or with mirror in front of the bed. Talk about a problem!

So to answer your question...I think I am going to drape some fabric above the bed between the beams or hang a canopy type thing like this from the ceiling (the 4 poster version). I also have issues with something falling from the ceiling or wall - probably because dd sleeps with me. I haven't figured out where the bed is going yet!
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