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a few years back I bought a very small bike at the goodwill for 97 cents....seemed like a great deal even though it had faded paint.
It is the smallest bike I have ever seen (way cute despite it's faded paint). Well after we had it about a year or so, my hubby considered it junk and threw it off the ledge of the carport (one story down) and the plastic spokes broke and the plastic holding the front wheel on broke.
So my question to either fix it or recycle it all.
It is such a small bike that I do not know that I could buy parts for it. I really like its size and would not mind fixing it even if it cost a little. Basically it just looks like minature bike(only about a 1ft-1.5 high). This is the size of a bike that would work for a 1.5 -2 yr old.(which I have) The wheels are only about 6 inches in diameter. It has real rubber wheels and rubber grips.The frame is pretty much all metal. It has a normal but small bike seat and peddles<(they broke off because a big kid was trying to ride it). The only plastic parts are the spokes and the part that connects the front wheel to the frame and the peddles. All the plastic parts have broken.

I know the metal frame could be recycled but I think that is it and I hate to throw away the cute little tires. I really wish I could restore it somehow or repurpose it.
Any ideas?