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With the olympics coming up, this is one of those rare times that I actually wish I could watch something on TV

I'm hoping I can catch a few highlights on YouTube

Anyone else?
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There's just something about the games isn't there? Its what reality tv tries to be and can't really manage. I love the obscure events like rhythm gymnastics that don't get shown very much, though.
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If you have Windows Vista, you can watch online. Info is here: http://www.digitalalchemy.tv/2008/06...cs-online.html

Unfortunately, Mac users can't use the service. Sigh.
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I'll plug the cable back in for the games. No way am I missing gymnastics, or swimming, or diving, or triathlon . And DH wouldn't miss soccer for anything! We are very into sports in our family and I think it's great for children to see elite athletes representing their home nations. We'll deal with the commercialism involved somehow....
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