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How much supply of milk do I need for daycare?

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Hi, I'm kind of new here. I posted a few weeks ago about my fear that I didn't have enought of a supply to satisfy my newborn, which turned out to be new mom jitters and you all had great advice that worked!

Now I'm starting to pump to get ready for daycare--she'll go to a nanny a few days a week starting in November--and I'm not sure how much I need to get ready. I don't even know how much she'll take in a bottle. Is there any set of guidelines out there? I'm a little concerned b/c I hear other women say they pump 4 oz in five minutes and can shoot milk across the room and I'm nowhere near that kind of supply. I don't leak, I can't squirt milk, and I can maybe pump 1 oz in a half hour. I'm feeling pretty nervous about this.

I'm drinking tons of water, drinking fenugreek and mother's milk tea. My baby is plenty satisfied after nursings and is gaining just fine so I know she's fine, I'm just wondering how to get the supply stored up when I get so little from pumping.

Any ideas? Does anyone remember what their baby ate from a bottle when they were only a few months old? TIA for your help!
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I went back to work PT when DS was almost 5 mos old. He usually ate b/w 10-12 oz, while I was gone...(which he promptly made up for by eating twice as much at night ).

As far as building up a supply before you go back to work, here's what I did:

Pump first thing in the morning..even better if you wake up before your baby and pump first.

How long does your baby sleep at night? DS is pretty reliable about sleeping for 3 or 4 hours for the first stretch (from 7 to 10 or 11) so I try to time it right and pump right before he wakes to eat. Also, I would do the same for his naps during the day.

Also, don't worry that you aren't getting much when you pump now...once I was gone all day, I started pumping soooo much more (makes sense...how was my supply supposed to build up enough to pump when DS was attached to my breast all day LOL)!

HTH and Good Luck!
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Every women is so totally different it's hard to compare.

Keep in mind now that you're trying to pump in addition to nursing your baby, and since you're supply is likely already regulated to Clara's demand, it will be hard to get more than that with the pump. When you return to work, you will be pumping instead of nursing. Most of that milk that had been going into Clara's tummy during the day will go into the bottle.

Pumping takes practice. You will get better over time as you figure out what you need to do to perform for the pump. Many women seem to need to look at pictures of the baby and hold a piece of the baby's clothes. Personally, I was the opposite: I did best while surfing the web or reading about something unrelated.

I recommend you find yourself a copy of Nursing Mother, Working Mother. It gives a "recipe" for establishing your stash.

So, in answer to your question: Karen took anywhere between 2-25 oz in a day. It was totally unpredictable. I brought home 9-13.5 oz a day, with the variation being if I pumped 2 or 3 times. It was totally a tortise and hare sort of thing -- I was slowly and steadily bringing home milk, and Karen was sprinting through the supply and napping by the sideline. I did have about a month when Karen was 3 months old where I added pumps on the weekends and first thing in the am.

Try oatmeal adding oatmeal to your diet. It works so well with my supply that it took 6 weeks to wean myself from pumping during the day!

Good luck!
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I too found it really hard to build much supply before I went back to work and worried no end about it. I could never get more than 1/2-1 ounce from both breasts. Once I was working (40 hours/week), I found I pumped plenty. I generally did two pumping sessions (one mid AM and one midafternoon) getting 8-14 ounces a day. He took anywhere from 6-10 ounces when he was little to 12-18 ounces when he was 10-12 months. He now is back to about 10-12 ounces a day at 13 months. I was able with only a few extra sessions to store a huge amount once I was back at work (at one point I had 200 ounces in freezer!) The biggest keys for me were : lots of fluid, Mother' milk, fenugreek, and most importantly protecting my pumping time! I only pump about 10-15 minutes each session so it fits in really smoothly. In re-reading this I realize it is all past tense even though I am still pumping twice a day - I haven't worried about supply though since he was about 8 months old so it's just art of my routine now.
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Thanks so much! This really eases my fears. I'll be sure to share this with dh, too. He watches as I pump and sees how little is coming out (this is usually after a feeding) and worries, too. I just want to hiss at him! Everything you're all saying makes perfect sense so I'll just start building in pumping into my routine now.

I'm curious, though: why pump first thing in the morning? Right now this baby wakes before I do and I just give her a boob so I can get another half hour of sleep. Do you find that you have a lot of milk in the AM? I'm feeding her in side-laying throughout the night so I don't really know how much she's eating and I barely know how often since I barely wake up for it. Would this work better when she's down to a few feedings at night?
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About pumping in the morning...if I know I need to pump more milk...I'll nurse from one side all night and pump the other in the morning.

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Your supply will be highest in the morning.

I would only nurse Karen on one side from, say 4 am on, and then pump the other while eating breakfast.

If you're pumping an ounce after nursing you're doing great! I can never pump anything after nursing. It has to be between feedings or zilch.
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I'll be sure to share this with dh, too. He watches as I pump and sees how little is coming out (this is usually after a feeding) and worries, too.
My dh used to do that too. I found that it helped me to pump privately. Stress can make it harder to let down and that was definitely true for me when I was feeling "watched." Some of the best advice I was ever given about pumping was to relax, take deep breaths, be private and do something to completely occupy you (Nothing stressful, like balancing a checkbook.) Don't look at the collection bottles for ten minutes. If you aren't agonizing about what you are pumping, you are less stressed about it. Kwim?

Besides that, I pump every day before ds wakes up and often after a nice long hot shower.
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Pumping at work for me is much easier and effective than pumping at home. At work I pump once for about 10 minutes and collect between 10-12 ounces consistently. (I usually do this while surfing the internet and browsing the MDC boards.) If I try pumping on the weekend or evening at home I can't pump nearly as much in that short a time, sometimes only an ounce or two in a half hour. I think it is because my little guy nurses around the clock at home so my boobs never get very full. At work I always wait a couple hours after I last fed him to pump. I can usually reach down and feel how "full" my boobs are, and once they get pretty firm, I pump. I have never had to pump more than once a day because my little guy almost never drinks all of what I leave, he definitely prefers his milk straight from the tap. He kind of flip flopped his schedule and eats more at night than he does during the day.
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