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My baby is a hot head!

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So I think my DS has his first cold. I think I am handling it well though. (I do terrible with illnesses - other people's, not mine. ) He has a slight cough that I have noticed in the mornings. He is slightly congested. Sneezing a little more than usual. And this morning he woke up with eye crustys on one eye. This is his second full week of daycare. He is exclusively breastfed and I have been taking lots of extra Vit C, Vit A, and I just started taking echinacea today.

Sooooo, his head it warm and the rest of his body is :. I mean hands like ice. He has been like this the last few days. I told the daycare to keep a blanket on him and I have been dressing him in long sleeve/pants jammies. What can I do to warm his hands up? I don't want to put mittens on him b/c he is chewing on his hands like a madman. Any ideas? I don't like the idea of little ice cold hands. Is this normal for his head to be warm and the rest of him cold? I typically have cold feet and hands myself.

This is my first babe, so not sure what is going on. He is 16 weeks. :
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Nothing? Really?? Come on ladies, it's my babe's first cold and it was a looooong night.
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Sorry you are going through this! DDs first 3 months at daycare were rough, and she was 16m.
I'm wondering if he has a slight fever due to the hot head/cold body situation. In that case, I think you'd just want to cover him in a light cotton blanket. Otherwise, my babies always had freezing cold hands....like ice cubes when they would nurse at night. Holding them really close to warm them against my skin helped, but not sure if that's an option at daycare.
Hope things are going well and that tonight is a better night. Just an FYI, breastmilk makes a great nasal spray!
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My DS got his first tooth at 4.5 moths. He has always gotten what seems like a cold before he gets any teeth. In fact right now I think he's getting his last ones because his nose is running like crazy.

Just a thought...
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