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I've technically been on these forum since my pregnancy, but I was scared off due to the largeness/vastness of the forum- I don't really post much, so tackling these forums was intimidating.

Anyway, I'm in Utah, I'm the mom of a wonderful little girl, and I'm trying to learn about being an AP parent. I graduated with my degree in mathematics and DH is starting his Master's in computer science this next fall. I like knitting and reading and lots of other stuff.

It's good to be here.
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to MDC glad your here :
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Welcome to the boards! This is a great place to be!

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Hey! I am a newbie too
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to mdc! I did the same when I first joined...I stayed away for a while due to the overwhelming feeling I had about such a large board!

But I'm glad I came back and just MDC! I hope to see you around! it's great
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Welcome to the boards.
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to MDC. I think it's so cool that you graduated with a math degree. I taught middle school math a few yrs ago and LOVE math. I remember encouraging the kids, especially the girls, to go into science and math careers. We need more women in this area .

Hope you enjoy the boards!! I know I've learned so much in the past yr. :
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Welcome to MDC!

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Welcome to the forum...Glad you can join us!
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Welcome to MDC!
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