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she laughed!

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Florence laughed! three times - cute, robust giggles that came from way down in her belly, and she laughed at me. I can't believe how it felt to hear that; if I had to give everything up to hear it again, I would in a second. I think I'll be spending all day tomorrow trying to make her laugh again.
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Baby laughs are one of the most wonderful sounds! Completely contagious!
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My daughter laughed 2 nights ago. It was so amazing. I started to cry. I want her to do it again and again!:
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yeah, I cried when I heard it, too. she was laughing again last night. it was the end of her first day with a babysitter and I was so happy to see her smile, then she started laughing when I put her down on our bed. my husband and I took turns playing with her on the bed and making her laugh, over and over! what a great way to finish a stressful day.
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I love, love, love baby laughs! :
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