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over ripe banana recipes?

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What are your best recipes for using up your over ripe bananas? I have about 6 and would like to try something other than just the regular banana bread we normally make.
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Banana oatmeal cookies are really good- here's a link to the recipe:

No added sugar! (unless you do chocolate chips like me )
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I usually freeze my overripe bananas, peeled and wrapped in wax paper or a piece of plastic wrap. That way I have them in the event that I want to make a smoothie. I used 1 1/2 for today's breakfast.

If you have a Champion juicer (I don't know the construction of other types of juicers, so I can't vouch for those varieties), you can make an incredible "banana ice cream" by using the blank filter instead of the strainer filter and the "ice cream" will come out the front of the juicer. I learned this recipe on Kauai, and we started freezing bananas, mangos, pineapples, and all other varieties of fruit to make our own 100% fruit "ice creams".
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My husband freezes them for smoothies, but I like to make "Nanner Puddin'" - especially during the summer!

Basically, I make a creme patisserie and then add pureed & strained bananas. Layer it with fresh fruit, chocolate, vanilla wafers, ladyfingers, whatever, and say yum yum yum!!
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I freeze them too. They are also really yummy in pancakes, especially with chocolate chips!
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All of the above! I always have some frozen for smoothies, and "ice cream" too. Love banana bread, love banana pudding, love banana muffins.
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I vote for smoothies too! I bought a 4-5 lb bag of overripe bananas the other day for 49 cents. WOOHOO!

I buy some of the Odwalla or other similar brand purple juice/smoothie (a berry blend) and freeze it into ice cubes--it is very dense on nutrients, fruits, etc. It is expensive, but goes a long way this way.

To make a smoothie, I grab
-a frozen banana
-two frozen cubes of Odwalla
-handful of frozen strawberries or blueberries
-plain lowfat yogurt
-Vruit orange blend juice
-we also throw in a powdered vegetable-based fiber powder, one teaspoon

I think the consistency comes out more like Juice Stop smoothies when you use mostly frozen fruit. My family LOVES these!
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