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I've heard the stories as well and that is when i began second guessing my decision to UC. i live in a small town and i feel like with my luck i would have some drama lol. But i have just thought about calling the CNM saying " hey i had the baby, labor was real fast (labor with my dd was 21 hard hours). And then see what she says. I would probably ask could a nurse come see the baby in the home. With my first i had a visiting nurse come to check on my dd's jaundice and weight after we left the hospital. I would only go to the hospital if i knew that i wouldn't have to stay. I had to stay 3 days after giving birth my to my first and i was so miserable.
We lived in a small town too, when we had our UC. I didn't tell anyone we were planning a UC, just went to normal prenatal visits at the local health clinic(our income qualified us) and got birth supplies together and had him by ourselves with a couple of helpers(no medical professionals). I was the midwife! Then we called the health dept 2 days later, and asked could a nurse come out and give him his newborn checkup at our apartment, and they sent one out, and it was great! No shots, no hassle, no CPS... She was very impressed, she said. He weighed 8 lb 13 oz....
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i'm slowly nodding my head and saying "i can do this, i'm gonna pull this off" !! LOL.With all you ladies support and comments i'm feeling a little more confident in UCing !!!!
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You must be in the city? In the villages women obviously are not going to hospital for every birth. When I was 7mos. pregnant with Andrei, we were at Belis in Jud. Cluj, and there's no way we would have gotten to the hospital if I had gone into labor there. Of course, as you say, I would not have wanted to! We came back to the states in the 8th month.
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I had these kinds of feelings in my early pregnancy. Partly because it was an unplanned pregnancy, but I'd already decided for myself that next pregnancy would be UP/UC. I've found that as I get closer to my EDD, I've gotten a lot more confident about my UC decision. I'm about 38 weeks now! If I went into labor today I would be able to handle it.

I'm lucky to have a ND that I trust right down the street. Go in with confidence and only give the information you choose! I'm glad this forum is helping you! It sure has helped me a lot. Even if I wasn't doing a UC, I'd hang out here because there is so much good information floating around among the people who do it for themselves.
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If you don't mind, may I ask where you are located?
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