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I HAVE to wait....

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Well, I called to see if they would move up my first ob apt, I have it scheduled for Aug 22nd, I will be past 12 weeks at that pt. Well, all EIGHT doctors and Midwives in the practice have no avaliable apts! One midwife is having a baby herself in two weeks, two drs are on vacation, and the rest are booked, now I have to wait.... I am going crazy, I just want to see the baby's heartbeat...
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I know this is not any worse than your situation. I would feel just like you, I'm sure... so anxious and bummed out! Anyway, I had my first appt on 07/23, and they are making us wait til we are 8 wks to see the ultrasound. So when I thought I'd feel good leaving, I felt no more secure. Its not as long as you but its really making me crazy to not see the heartbeat :. Maybe you can keep calling to see if they have cancelations?
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Wow - that's a long time to wait for your first appt. Are you set on this practice?

FWIW, my first appt is at 8w5d, but no u/s will be done then.
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I am almost 5 w and havent seen anyone yet, other than to get my pg confirmed. I guess I should get on it and find a midwife.
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I don't have my first appointment until 10 weeks. My midwife doesn't usually see anyone until then. I don't mind though. I'll get to hear the baby's hb on the doppler by then, and I am not planning an us until 20 weeks anyway.
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I just want to hear the heartbeat... and yes, I am set on this practice, because they take our ins, practice at the hospital, and I had alot of complications and a miscarriage in the past, so I would HATE to have to go thru the process of explaining everything to someone new. But oh well, has anyone ever rented a doppler before?
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I'll probably end up not seeing anyone through the whole first trimester (unless I end up going to the emergency room) because of summer holidays. I'm going to continue calling on Monday, but I'm pretty pessimistic about the possibility at this point. My DD was born in August, which is not the time to have a baby or get sick in my country. I ended up with a UC.
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Sorry you have to wait so long. I am using a doppler and have been able to find the heartbeat since 8w1d (though it can be challenging since the bean is so little!). Perhaps that would give you reassurance? On the other side, though it might make you crazy if you can't find the HB. I only started using my doppler when I knew I would have an u/s the next day to reassure me if I couldn't find it.
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That is a long time to wait! I hope you can squeeze in if there is a cancellation. I've never rented a doppler myself but maybe you could look into that.
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I have to wait as well. Sometime in September actually. Hugs.
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sorry, the waiting part stinks.... its so easy to worry and think what if...
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