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VHS tapes?

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Any idea of what to do with old used VHS tapes? I have a couple of leads as to who to ship to, but I really want to hear about what others have done before I go through with it. Thanks!
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Freecycle. Someone came and took them all. (Not really what you were asking, but that's what I did.)
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I would like to get some of my tapes put onto dvd. I have a lot of interesting stuff on tape that I don't want to get rid of, but I really hate trying to find what I'm looking for on a 6 hour tape. If I were to do that, I would freecycle them afterwards. I wouldn't doubt that there is a sort of cult of collecting these old tapes, like people who love to listen to strangers old mix tapes.
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I still have mine around. Not necessarily the home movie ones, but I never was into those anyway. I love watching movies, though, and getting vhs second hand is so much easier than getting dvds. Not that that necessarily answers any question for you, but I just had to chime in that even though I'm simplifying I'm still a vhs watcher, lol.
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Our library accepts VHS tapes. They put some into circulation. They sell the rest during the once-a-month book sale to raise money for books/media they want to put into circulation.

I offer all VHS tapes to our playgroup before donating the rest to the library.
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If they are age/kid appropriate...

children's hospitals

child services/police departments

women's centers and shelters
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Freecycle! We actually only use vhs now for the kids. They have all the old classic disney movies. I love them because they can't damage them. They have a whole tall bookshelf full of vhs in their closet. Its great and it was free. I'm sure you will find someone to take your vhs.
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