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My Little Girl is here! Super Fast Labor & HB UPDATE

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Our Little Serefina Marie was born at home at 10:36pm Last night (July 25)!!: Here is just a super quick version...

Thursday I saw my MW for my 39wk check and my body had been cleaning it self out since Wednesday. All week I have been out and about having a jolly good time. Yesterday was a very busy day, I went to my LLL meeting & at 5pm 1hr away from my home was my husbands work summer party at the beach. At about 7:30pm or so I started noticing some tightening but thought nothing of it since I had been having ctns a week. Well as I drove my DH & DD home the hr drive things got serious, 5mins apart, lasting 1min the entire drive. I called my MW at around 9pm, and I was going to call back in 1hr. Well as soon as I hung up the phone they went to 1min apart with tons of bloody show so I called back and she started over. Things got crazy now!!!! My mom was still out and she was my DDs support person so while I am going crazy with the ctns and moaning like a wild animal and my husband is running around setting up everything on my list including the pool my DD is being so cute telling me to "push baby sister out, push push". well I made it into the pool and by 9:45pm I knew it was time to push BUT my MW was not here yet, and my mom was not here to watch my DD. I did not want to deliver alone. So I yelled to my husband to find out how far the MW was, he called and she said 10mins but to keep the baby warm since she did not think she was going to make it. Well I did not want to be without her so I panted and screamed and managed to stop pushing until both my mom & the MW arrived and she set up her gear. I got out of the tub and moaned in the bedroom door for awhile and then wanted the counter pressure of the bed, we stuck a hard rolled towel under my back which really helped since I was also having so intense back labor. I think I only pushed for about 10mins and basically caught her on my own since my MW ran to get warm compresses and I pushed her the rest of the way. What a crazy sensation!! My MWs assistant missed the birth by about 3mins since she got stopped by a cop for speeding.

Well things again went crazy at this point!! Placenta delivered quickly and I started hemeraging like mad! tons of blood, it was scary! My MWs were amazing, 2 shots of pit & 1 of meteragin (??) and TONS of massage and nursing finally the bleeding slowed about an hr later. It was scary!

I have to say labor is such a mind game!!!!! I am so happy to be holding my little one in my own bed, in my own home safe and sound!! I could not have asked for a better birth!! 3hr from first ctn to baby! WOW

Things are great HERE! Lots of nursing, along with LOTS of pain but I am not complaining since we are working on getting the latch better, a chiro is coming to do a crainosacial adjustment in the next few days and a IBCLC is coming over the house tomorrow to help in the mean time. I feel really supported this time with the nursing and even though right now it hurts more than labor I will get though it!!!

Still have not gotten a shower yet: but I hope to sometime today, just been too busy trying to get some sleep between the constant nursing. Milk seems to be coming in right now and so with it a bit sore breasts.

You galls have been great! THANKS so much for all your support and kind words! ::Best wishes for your births and babes

Off to nurse some more
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Wow! Congrats!

When you get a chance post in the birth announcement sticky.
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yay! congratulations!!!
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Welcome, little one!
What a great birth story!
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Congratulations!!!!!!! ::
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Congratulations! : I'm jealous.
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Yippee! That's so awesome. Congrats on such a wonderful labour, and I'm glad the hemorrhaging stopped-that can be really scary!
Enjoy getting to know your new LO! Can't wait to hear her new name...
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Congratulations! Our babies share the same birth day! and I thought my labor was quick..3 hours...that's amazing!
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Congrats! What a great birth! :
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Congratulations! Great story!
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congrats! I want my baby!!!
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Yay, congrats!!! :
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Congratulations.....: 3 hours?......wow!
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Welcome !!
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Congrats mama, what an awesome story.
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Wow! Big congrats! What a wonderful labor and delivery!
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Awesome!!! Hooray for you!! Your birth story makes me even more excited for my birth!!!!
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