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S/O: Flexible winter boots for big toddler feet?

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I too live in the Northeast, and this winter will be my son's first that he will be able to get out and play in the snow. I am so freaking excited to play with him out in it! :

Anyway, I know it is a long way off, but what are some good recs for big toddler feet (6 1/2 right now at only 16 months ) that are still flexible, yet warm? I am thinking of splurging and buying some Smartwool socks to keep his toes warm when we do go outside, but what about boots? I know I will just not ready to squeeze his feet into stiff soles by winter. We are in Vermont, so we need warm and relatively water resistant.

Any suggestions?
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We liked Vincent snow boots last year for my little guy (in size 9s last winter at 2). They are fairly flexible up to size 10 but then switch to hard soles. And they are SO cute.
We also love Joshoes boots for cold and snow-- here's hoping they reopen before winter! They are soft-soled, warm, and water-resistant. I'd wear them all winter if they had adult sizes, and they work for both my kids.
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I just found these and I think I am in love. : I so wish I could afford these for my little guy. Something like this, but more in the $30 range would be perfect.

I also just noticed that Robeez makes a boot. Has anyone tried them? Do they get really wet feet from them? I would think the bottom would need to be more like a soft rubber than just a layer of thin leather for winter.
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Hi there!
I'm new here, have been lurking a bit.
I am originally from the east coast of Canada and spent the last two winters with ds in Ottawa, Ontario. We used Stonz for him, with Isabooties or a warm pair of socks inside if it was really cold. http://www.stonzwear.com
They aren't great for rain, but great for cold and snow.
Good luck!
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The robeez boots soak right through!

I have a two YO in a 9/10, so I'll be lurking here!
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I use Molehill boots for our Canadian winters. Usually with Padraigs underneath for extra warmth. They are waterproof and warm, easy to put on, great all around!!
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Mandy, are those Vincent boots warm? Or are they just fancy rubber boots?

We tried Stonz/Molehill style boots last year and they just didn't work right for dd. She had a hard time walking in them in the snow. We liked the Robeez boots, but not for being IN the snow. We ended up using stiff hand-me-downs the most. She loved them and wanted to wear them all the time, even though I did all this hunting around online for the perfect soft snow footwear! Figures. I'm curious to see what other suggestions come up--we need something for this winter.
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Don't get Children's Place boots -- we got them last winter because it was last minute and they were cheap, and they were so stiff! Impossible to get on, and I'd imagine, hard to walk in, although we never got that far.

Thanks for all the other suggestions.
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I loved our Stonz last year (when DS was 12-15 month and wore a size 6-7 shoe), but we had the largest size and by the end of the winter they were getting snug. So if your son is already in a 6.5 in July, I would be pretty wary of how they might fit come winter time. The size 1-3 is only 6 inches long.

It sucks too, because I would absolutely purchase a pair for DS for this winter too, since I liked them so much. But he's now almost 20 months and already in an 8.5. I don't really know what I am going to do for boots.
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I was looking at Land's End's flurry boots because they say something about a new, more flexible sole. I recently moved to an that has a Land's End "inlet", so I'll post if I get a chance to check them out IRL.
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The Vincent boots are pretty warm. We paired them with fleece or wool socks and they were fine for Michigan winter.

Joshoes boots are like Robeez but with waterproof PUL between the layers. So the outside will get wet but their feet stay dry. Gosh, I hope they reopen!
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The Molehills look great, the biggest size is 6.5" which won't work for my guys, but is definitely bigger than Stonz.

I've been drooling over the Soft Stars for 2 years, but they are just too much $$$ for us.
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Some of the boots made by Baffin Boots are supposed to be flexible....for winter boots. I haven't actually seen a pair yet. I'm hoping they hit the shelves soon.

I am looking for flexible and WARM boots too. We do winter activities, and super warm is essential for us.
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I didn't even think of the Molehills. I had a pair for DS last winter that I just slipped on over his footie pajamas, or whatever else he had on to keep his feet extra warm. I bought the "infant" size last year from Kid's Surplus, but I think I remember a "toddler" size advertised as well. I am definitely going to check them out to see how well they would work for us this winter.

As a side note, how much do toddler's feet slow down in growth once they hit the one year mark? I know DS has slowed WAAAYYYY down in his growth, but I just can't tell yet with his feet.
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