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CLE math vs. Rod and Staff math

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I'm thinking of having ds (7) do either CLE or R&S math in between years of Singapore, since he seems to be going through the third grade Singapore stuff so quickly. Is there anyone here who's used both and can compare them?

Or if you've used one of them, can you tell me the pros and cons of it?
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i have not used CLE, but i did purchase rod & staff grade 1 this year for my dd. it's excellent. it is very textbook/workbook, but my dd LOVES math presented this way. we tried saxon k with all of the manipulatives....there was no writing, etc. but she hated it!! however, with R&S you could easily incorporate manipulatives if needed...which is cool.

we've not started R&S yet but i know she is going to love it!!! last year we used math mammoth and she really liked it a lot (and this is very similar imo). i only switched because i wanted a better teacher guide (which R&S has really wonderful ideas to support each lesson!!). hth!
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How long does it take you to do one of their lessons?
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well, we've not started yet. but each lesson is a front and back worksheet. that's it. lesson 1 for example is basic K review. the front of the worksheet is writing the number "0", & the back of the worksheet has dominoes - but the child need only write "0" where the domino represents zero.

The teacher guide has several ideas for each lesson. For ex. lesson 1: You start off counting 1-20 with a visual aid...showing the students each number as you count aloud. Then you all practice writing zero in the air. Then show your children a brown paper bag. Ask them what is in it? nothing. Hold the bag upside down and shake it. Again, explain that nothing is in the bag. Zero means nothing. Nothing at all. You can have a flannel board with a duck pond & ducks (which I'll just use our lucky ducks game) and show that no ducks are swimming. Zero means nothing. Then do the 2 workksheets. Lesson is done.

The review stuff is easy for sure, but the curriculum is very thorough imo and does not stay like that. By lesson 6 you're doing less than & greater than...then lots of addition....by lesson 60 - you're doing money...then you move into time....fractions....subtraction...etc. there are 2 student workbooks with 170 lessons total (2 pages per lesson). i think i paid $35 with shipping for the student books, teacher book, and speed drills book. if you have specific questions, i'd be happy to answer them. hth!
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Which site did you order it from?

Is the first grade set what you're using? (I don't see kindy stuff in their catalog, other than the "Counting with Numbers" book)
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they don't have kindergarten. we purchased first grade (which my dd will be in). here's the site i used: http://www.rodandstaffbooks.com/list..._Series/#131--

i ordered the first grade math set but you can purchase items individually if needed or wanted.

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