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Nothing going on here, it seems I had more labor signs last week. My DD was yesterday and my next mw/ob appt is Wednesday. I'm really hoping to go into labor by then because she is pushing induction for PIH that is easily managed by limiting my activity.
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still here. I'm tired from a night of what seemed like productive contractions only to just fade out. I feel like crap.
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Originally Posted by madiesmommy View Post
Oh HulaJenn, I wish it would work for you already!
Thank you for the cheerleading - it helps to know there are people that i don't even know irl pulling for me!

Just got off the lake - nice bumpy waves. Brought on spacey ctrx. We'll see if they turn into anything (not holding my breath of course! LOL).
Just looking forward to my appt tomorrow I guess (albeit with the resident doc) -but I am hoping she can make decisions seeing as how my doc is away until the 11th! (but possibly available for contact still?) Arg. Good thing in the beginning he threatened to discharge me as a patient if I went the midwife route so he could be here to deliver my baby????
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Still here too!! 39w6d today! Just ate some really spicy food for lunch! Worth a try right! I have an appt tomorrow afternoon...doc said he'd check me (he did do the stripping of membranes with dd#1...and boy did that hurt!)...so I'm debating on allowing that tomorrow! I have family coming into town for the big event tues and thurs...so I'm still hoping to hold out until Friday! But anytime after tomorrow afternoon is fine too!! Heck, right now would be really exciting...and a great story to tell...I'm at work! Anyhow, I have noticed a decrease in her movement today...hmmmmm....only time will tell ladies!!!
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I've been having contrx since 5:15,a lthough not a real rythym yet---anywhere from 3 mins apart to 10...
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Another 39w6dayer here as well. I have been having contractions all day long but nothing that is consistent. I keep getting up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom, hoping my water will break. It's happened that way three of the four babies we have had.
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