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what is the going rate for doulas in your area?

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I'm in Philadelphia. I'm training to be a doula, and would like to charge some minimal fee before I'm certified, but wanted to get some idea of what certified labor support doulas charge. And while I'm asking, what (if anything) did you charge before you were certified?
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In the DC metro area, certified and/or experienced doulas charge between $800-1,200. New doulas are often free or charge a few hundred dollars. I've found that people tend to value things more if they've paid for them. Some doulas I know have had trouble with their free birth clients not calling them until after the birth (which, as you can imagine, is tremendously frustrating). So I'd suggest charging for your expenses at the very least. I charged $400 for my first 10 births or so. My clients were happy to pay that and felt they were getting a great deal.

Just my 2 cents!
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Here in Albuquerque, we're a lower income sort of state, so the higher end doulas are $600-$750 (JUST sort of bumped up to 750 recently in fact), middle of the road is $400ish, and newer ones like me charge $250-300. I did my first 2 births for free, then offered a sliding scale of $100-300 for the next 3 and got paid the higher end of that.

I would always advise charging at least a little something even though I didn't. Most doulas will tell you that and I ignored that advice to no major detriment...but I do think it makes people take it more seriously and value your services more, as well as making you feel at least a little bit better when you've worked your tail off at a long birth! Your services are worth something always, no matter how inexperienced you may be! Good luck on your doula journey.
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I'm near Princeton NJ, and it seems like a lot of very experienced doulas around here charge about $750 max. I charge less because I am newer and not yet (and maybe never, I haven't decided) certified doula. I usually charge around $400.

I always advocate charging something, even for student doulas, because you have expenses too. I spend time doing visits with them,few people live in my neighborhood and gas is costly, I must find a backup doula and childcare...
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the average price here in the Austin tx area seems to be about 650. some new doulas charge 0-100 ish. many experienced doulas between 900-1200. I was recently told that one could here, who is very popular and busy, charges around 1800.
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$400 - $500 here (medium-sized Midwestern city) for experienced doulas. Many people have said they're impressed with the relatively low cost, and expected $800 - $900+.
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$600 - $1500, with $900 being about average.
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I'm in upstate NY, near Albany. Birth doula rates are 500(for a new doula) to $800 for an experienced doula. I charge $20/hr. for postpartum.
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I would say $400 - $650 around here. But most people charge on the higher end of that, I think. I charge $495. I'm near Raleigh, NC.
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In NYC the beginner, low end rate is about $500. Most doulas are charging between $1000-$2000 - the rates vary a lot here.
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In the Tulsa, Oklahoma area I haven't seen any that charge more than $400.
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Not a BP, but I'm in the Chicago suburbs and my doula charges $800. She's been practicing for 10-ish years, and was a CBE before that, so I would put her in the "pretty experienced" category.
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Twin Cities doula's charge anywhere from really new doula's @ $400.00 to experienced doula's @ $900.00, with the average being around $650-700.
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