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Weekly Chat thread July 28-August 4th

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Since no one else started it....: We're heading into August!!!!!!
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I just realized that my last baby was born 6 weeks from where I am now. He was 6 pounds 6 ounces and never left my arms. OMG. Some of us could be having babies in 6 weeks!
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HA!!! You're just ahead of me Changed! I'll go C&P my update from the one I started....

I finally called the chiro that was recommended to me by the one I worked for in college. She's much more affordable than I could've imagined! Without insurance it's only $50 for the initial and $35 for each after that. YAY! I go on Wed at 2:45 and I'm SO excited to finally get spinal care again! I sure hope she can help this SI pain. Any other relief would just be icing on the cake! I certainly cannot go another 12wks feeling the way I do now. It's odd though...I feel great when I'm teaching classes (like step) and simple things like walking, standing up, and rolling over are SO painful. Anyone know why something so strenuous as high impact aerobics feels totally great and little things hurt? It's annoying and really frusterating!
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I am hoping to hold off for AT LEAST 6 weeks (would put me at 37 weeks exactly) but really want 10 more weeks
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OMG. August?!? Yay! I'm so excited!

I'm 30 weeks, ladies! Yay!

I'm definitely feeling uncomfortable and I was saying last night to Chris how I can't wait to have this baby. He said I'm not allowed to say that out loud for at least 7 more weeks! I know I shouldn't even be really *thinking* it but I'm just so ready for the next phase. I feel like I've been pregnant forever. I love it but at the same time I'm ready for the next step!

I guess there's not too much new to report with me. I started driving my Mini! That's the most thrilling thing going on right now. I LOVE my car, it is SO FABULOUS!


Hope everyone has a great Monday and a great rest of the week. My thoughts are definitely still with Celeste - I know you can make it through this week (and the next, and the next!) to get those kiddos to at least 34 weeks! Maryann - also thinking of you and your baby, I know this is a tough time but we are all here for you.

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YAY!!! This is going to be a fun week!

My son's 2nd birthday is on Friday He's growing up way too fast.

Both he and I have a doctor appt that day... Mine is at 9:15 am with my OB. I do the dreaded GTT *cross your fingers for me* and it's also the beginning of my 2 week appts. BOO!! My son's is his 2 year checkup at 1:15, so no biggie. I just hope he doesn't have any shots to get...

We're having his birthday party the next day on Sat. I hope it goes well and he likes his presents. I gotta make the cake and decorate it. I have all of his presents wrapped and ready to go though. Just gotta get the food and all is good! I hope most of the people we invited can make it.

That's about it for me... I'll update with what my OB says at the appt!!
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Good luck at your appts Amy Lynn! I hope your GTT goes smoothly and all is well and I hope your son doesn't have any vax to get either! No fun!
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Wow...August...where is the time going? I'm kind of hoping the next month flies by though because I dropped DH off at his ship this morning and he won't be back until the last day in August. So it's a very pregnant me with a 2 1/2 year old, a 16 month old and an 80 lb dog! YIKES! Good thing my kids go to bed at 6:30 pm so I can have a little me time or I would go crazy!

I'm going to call the Doctor this afternoon to see if I can get the results of my MRI so I will keep you all updated.
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I'm SO excited!!!! I finally found a good chiro I can actually afford to see as needed! I don't know why I didn't think to ask my doula but I happened upon a recommendation from her on a local board and called. They said they give her referrals a free consult + the first two adjustments for FREE and then only 25$ per visit after that!!!!! I swear the longer I know her the more blessings come to me just from knowing her. And they're way closer to my house than the others I'd heard about! So I'm going for my first appointment before my OB appointment on Thursday. Woohoo!
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Yay, Tara and Changed, for finding chiros! I'm so happy for you both! May you both find relief and comfort after just one visit! I'd be lost w/o mine, so I know how valuable finding these chiros is for you guys.

Amy Lynn, GL with the GTT! I'm sure you'll pass!

Orion - DEFINITELY keep us updated with the MRI results. I hope August flies by for you (and for me too)!
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I have a chiro I love and went to with both boys...but she is sooo far away and I don't drive so it's such a PITA to get to....sigh...

I can't believe babies will be coming in 6 weeks that is far to crazy for me to wrap my head around as I still have 12 weeks until my edd and my babes don't come early.

I am having a good day....both boys slept well last night and I slept from basically 10:30 till 8 this morning with the hourly pee break....and then got to stay in bed till 9 as my boys wanted cuddle time!! Now they are both playing extreamly well today. I am sooo glad cuz dh wont be home till 8 tonight....at least i wont be too exhausted!!
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Wow - seems like chiros can be really affordable. Luckily I don't have a need for one right now, but if/when I do, I won't hesitate now that I know it doesn't cost a fortune. Best of luck with your chiros for those of you experiencing discomfort!

Happy Bday to ND's lo. I'm sure the party will be great. Good luck with your GTT, too!

Things are getting hectic and frustrating at work, but I only have about a month left until I go home for good. Yay!

After work today, we'll be picking up nursery furniture (crib and dresser)! I'm pretty excited about that. The nursery still needs a lot of work, however. We're making progress though.

29 weeks today and feeling pretty darn good! Hope everyone has a great week. Celeste and Maryann, you're both in my thoughts. Everyone take care!
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Wow- where has the month gone!

I can't believe that some people on here will be having babies in 6 weeks. That's just so crazy! I'm not due until the end of October, so it will probably be quite a while for me.

I'm 27 weeks today! I can't wait until next week when I can say 3rd trimester. I know some people counted 27 weeks, but for some reason it just didn't feel right to me. So 28 weeks will be my 3rd tri. LOL.

My ILs were here this weekend. It was a nice visit, although very tiring. And today I have to go home and clean the house... Ugh. But we ordered our nursery furniture- which was very exciting!

My job is driving me crazy. I wish it could be over now, but I have another 9 weeks until I plan on leaving. That seems so far away when I hear about people possibly having babies in 6 weeks!
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Originally Posted by crosscat View Post
Wow - seems like chiros can be really affordable. Luckily I don't have a need for one right now, but if/when I do, I won't hesitate now that I know it doesn't cost a fortune. Best of luck with your chiros for those of you experiencing discomfort!!
Mine's even cheaper - I have a $15 copay and that's it. I only go once a week too!

Anyone else have an appetite one day and then nothing the next? So seems to be the case with me. This weekend I made a massive lot of seitan and had pepper steak sandwiches and buffalo wings up the wazoo, but after Saturday, all I've been able to eat is like, big bowls of fruit. Strawberries, in particular. I can't figure out what to do with no appetite! It's almost worse than having a hardcore craving that you can't fulfill.
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29 weeks yesterday. Insane! This pregnancy has gone at WARP SPEED!

We finally got DD a dresser this weekend, so I can "re-claim" the changing table/dresser/cabinet combo for the new baby. I still need to pull baby clothes out and sort/wash/figure out what I need for an October baby vs a June baby And I have a big stack of PFs I need to prep. I need to figure out if I'm going to keep them all. Somehow I ended up with 4 dozen. I may actually trim some to the GMD "newborn" size, but that would mean hauling out my serger and figuring out how to thread it. . .

I'm starting to feel . . . just big. My belly seems to have popped out again, because I keep bumping it into things . And I have to pee all night long. And our 3 yr old keeps climbing into bed with us. And DH snores (which he does all the time, but with bladder and 3 yr old waking me up, it bugs me more than usual). No wonder I'm so tired in the daytime.
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Hi Everyone!!! I'm trying to catch up from the weekend as I didn't have internet access the whole time, but I'm at work with a really slow connection.

So... we went to Healdsburg and visited with my family! : That part was awesome and also bitter sweet, I miss them so much and realized that my pregnancy would have been/be so different if I lived close to them still. They are super supportive and I definitely haven't had much support; my Dh is gone most of the week and I've very few IRL friends that live around here (we've only been here a year). So I got a little weepy when it was time to say goodbye.

Physically, the trip was REALLY hard. It started out bad b/c I'd had an incredibly busy day on Thursday without enough time to eat properly and then we drove the 6 hours that night. By the time we got there my ankles were so swollen I could barely bend them and they really hurt. They hadn't gone down all the way by the next morning either, so I spent a lot of time trying to sit with my feet up. It was also really hot, so I think I was dehydrated the whole time, even though I was drinking SO much water. I was having a lot of contractions and sleeping on a pull out couch made my back just ACHE - I also think all the sitting reclined with my feet up had the babe really pushing on my back during the contractions too.

Anyways, that was my first experience of being really uncomfortable and a little worried b/c I knew I needed to do *something* (more protein? more water? etc.) to help the situation. Just brought it home that I've entered my third trimester and am PREGNANT and need to be adjusting my activity levels accordingly. I can't just run around all day without taking care of myself, even if I am distracted by being on vacation with my family.

On the better side, I've learned how to knit and am half way through my first wool soaker!!! It is so much fun and very satisfying to see the rows grow into a diaper cover that my babe will wear. My Mom, whose been knitting for 50 years (!), finished an entire cover in one day! Phew, she's fast. I also got to spend a lot of time swimming in the river and watching the wildlife (Osprey, King Fishers, Egrets, and lots and lots of minnows).

Anyways, sorry that got long! When I get home I'll upload some pics for fun. I can't believe August is almost here! I put in my month's notice at work AND it's my B-day this Sunady.
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Originally Posted by Amber Lion View Post
it's my B-day this Sunady.
It's early, but I'll probably forget later on...

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Guess it's my turn!! Well I've been off work for a week and well I'm finding things to do around here. Kids are happy to have me home. I will be working with my friend at her daycare, but I think I'll start in Sept. that gives me a whole month off! I can get the kids ready for back to school (they go back Sept. 2nd). I"m also going to concentrate on getting things ready for baby.
My mom sent out a box and it arrived today...full of new baby clothes, baby towels, washclothes, blankets....I think she's excited!! I"m going to start washing baby stuff and just getting things in their place.
I'm 28 weeks yesterday. I had a bad Saturday, I think I was dehydrated, but I was soooooooooooooo uncomfortable, nothing helped! I was having a hard time catching my breath, which I remember happening later in my pg's! Anyway I finally told baby he had to move down a little so I could breathe. I went to bed and woke up the next day feeling pretty good. I could breathe again! I have my next prenatal next monday, so we'll see how that goes. Otherwise, I'm feeling pretty good!
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I am so sorry I don't keep up with this thread 100%, with my LO running around bitting my ankles (literally!) it's very hard. But I do read it. I am so excaited that a bunch of us are cresting the 30 week mark. Man it's time to get down to bussiness!

A mom I know from Family for Concious Living who is also do in Oct had her baby last week at 25 weeks. It was a huge shock for me. He is in the NICU, but has crested 2#'s which is huge at that age, so I am praying for him a lot as well as her.

And just today as I said in the diaper thread a mom in our group gave me a huge tote of NB things, including dipes and clothes. Between what I saved from my DD, and that I now have everything I need. I feel so blessed.

This weekend I went through ALL of the stuff I saved from my DD as well as stuff I have been picking up at swaps, and have been given by friends, and I organized! I have stuff to cloth this kid till it's 18mo, if it's a girl that is!! If it's a boy after 3-6 we are gonna have to do some serious shopping and purging! I labeled everything with masking tape and a marker, including my DD's dresser because I am so tired of my DH not being to find things or asking me in frustration. Of course I forgot the sharpie on top of the dresser. My DD got ahold of it and "helped" me liberally by writing all over the dresser with sharpie. *sigh*
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I too am trying to figure out what I need for an October vs a June baby! DS was born in june, and as we don't have AC, his wardrobe consisted mainly of onesies, and flannel swaddling cloths for going out!

I'm crocheting this fabulous little suit, in very soft grey yarn. I have two legs almost done, and now I have to figure out how to attatch them to the body!!

30 weeks today!

I have needed to drink Gatorade in small quantities to help with all the sweating/ water drinking I've been doing. It helps big time.

I actually had someone ask if I'm carrying twins! I KNOW I'm not that big yet. I will be, though!

I got6 to visit with my family this weekend too. My sister and her husband flew in from Texas this past Saturday, and my mom and dad are up, so we had a get together, and I'm already missing them. My sister never got to se what I looked like pregnant with DS, so this was fun for us. The LO kicked her hand quite nicely while she was feeling my tummy!
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